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I love to research, and over the years I've discovered I have an aptitude for it and for aggregating and organizing information. I feel fortunate to be Graduate Research Assistant to Dr. Heidi Skurat Harris, Dr. Karen M. Kuralt, and Dr. George H. Jensen of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock as they continue their research on effective online teaching techniques in online writing instruction. Their research project, Developing Effective Online Writing Programs: A Longitudinal Case Study, is unique in that it "captures student experiences across both an undergraduate and graduate program.[1] I'm excited to piggyback on their journey and to have this opportunity to learn and apply new research techniques.

My research path

In addition to my Graduate Research Assistantship, these are some of the current research-intensive projects and activities I'm working on.

People of the Land

History research project [Visit project...]

Alexander's Stray Mare

Academic research project website [Visit project...]

A Man of Steady Habits

Investigative research (unsolved murder) and digital narrative website [Visit project...]

Academic coursework focusing on research

Research Methods | Introduction to Research | Research for Writing Nonfiction | The Historian's Craft | Internet Resourcing.