(Note - some links are broken - being fixed - Oct 2017)

Dec 2014 - RISA meets with RIDE, debriefs our proposal, and RIDE encourages RISA to resubmit with a focus on Providence.

Sept 2014 - RIDE advises that proposal is not being recommended to the RI Council on Elementary and Secondary Education for their October 2014 meeting. RISA informs friends of current status and future plans via email.

Jul 2014 - Two different petitions: (1) A focused online petition for local DOD-affiliated personnel asking RI Dept of Education to recommend “initial approval.” (2) An Online petition for the general public asking RIDE to recommend “initial approval

Jul 2014 - RIDE hosts two public hearings: 8 July and 10 July; Newport Public Library at 6PM. Presentation material is now online in PDF format using GoogleDocs.

June 2014 - RISA meets with RI Governor Lincoln Chafee and answers questions about expected student population, expected public comments/concerns. RISA previously met with RI Senate President Senator M. Teresa Paiva-Weed.

May 2014 - RISA delivers updated formal proposal to RIDE. RIDE posts the full proposal online. (Click on the topic “Charter School Proposals Under Review”). Public comment period begins.

Apr 2014 - RI STEAM Summit held in Newport. Event handouts are online using GoogleDocs.

Mar 2014 - RISA delivers formal proposal to RIDE. Executive Summary is online using a GoogleDocs page.

Feb 2014 - Attended the 4th Annual SF Bay Area STEAM Colloquium, ““Full STEAM Ahead: At the Corner of Common Core and STEAM”

Jan 2014 - RIDE invites RISA to submit a charter school proposal.