Graduate Assistantships

What makes our program unique? ODU was recently named an Research 1 (R1) institution, a designation bestowed upon the top 5% of research universities in the United States. Significant investments are being made in our research infrastructure, making it an optimal time to pursue your PhD at ODU. Moreover, our College of Health Sciences will moving into the newly constructed Health Sciences Building on Summer 2024, which will include brand new research laboratories. We are also standing up our new School of Public Health and have a proposed integration with Eastern Virginia Medical School that would lead to the largest academic health sciences center in Virginia. All of these moves are being spearheaded by our dynamic President Hemphill. You would also have the opportunity to work with the Virginia Modeling, Analysis, & Simulation Center, which spearheads cutting-edge research in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual training environments—all of which will play a significant role in the future of kinesiology and rehabilitation. Lastly, there are collaborative opportunities within our Batten College of Engineering & Technology to innovatively address the human health challenges of today and in the future.

Program and Curriculum Info: Our PhD program is designed for kinesiologists and rehabilitation professionals who are interested in becoming leaders, teachers, and scholars in their respective fields. This inter-professional program has a core curriculum that develops knowledge and skills in the scientific study of human movement with application to understanding disablement and promoting health and rehabilitation. In addition to 4 core courses, students will complete research courses, teaching and/or research apprenticeship courses, and at least 4 electives for a total of at least 51 credit hours. Applicants are encouraged to connect their research interests with faculty who could serve as their mentor.

Prerequisites: Applicants must have already completed a master’s degree or entry-level clinical doctorate before entering the PhD program.

Application Info: Please see our PhD program website for more information and begin your scholarly journey with us by clicking “Apply Now”. Apply ASAP for full consideration for admission and assistantship opportunities!

For questions, contact Drs. Ryan McCann ( or Patrick Wilson (,            Co-Graduate Program Directors