Ryo Hasumi's Page

Ryo Hasumi, Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Musashi University

e-mail: hasumiry [at] gmail.com

Previous Position

2007-2019, Economist, Japan Center for Economic Research


  • Hasumi, Ryo, Hirokuni Iiboshi, Tatsuyoshi Matsumae and Daisuke Nakamura. (2019). Does a financial accelerator improve forecasts during financial crises?: Evidence from Japan with prediction-pool methods. Journal of Asian Economics, 60, 45-68. [permalink]
  • Hasumi, Ryo, Hirokuni Iiboshi and Daisuke Nakamura. (2018). Trends, cycles and lost decades: Decomposition from a DSGE model with endogenous growth. Japan and the World Economy, 46, 9-28. [permalink] [Accepted Author Manuscript]
  • Hasumi, Ryo and Hideaki Hirata. (2014). Small business credit scoring and its pitfalls: Evidence from Japan. Journal of Small Business Management, 52(3), 555-568. [permalink]
  • Ono, Arito, Ryo Hasumi and Hideaki Hirata. (2014). Differentiated use of small business credit scoring by relationship lenders and transactional lenders: Evidence from firm-bank matched data in Japan. Journal of Banking & Finance, 42, 371-380. [permalink]


Ph.D. in Business and Commerce, Keio University, 2013

Bachelor of Arts, University of Tokyo, 2004