One of the first indigenous rappers to raise his voice in protest.

Rex Smallboy helped carve the foundation for indigenous rap in Canada.

In 2001 the song Feelin' Reserved from War Party was the first native rap music video to air on Much Music Rap City.

2002 Canadian Aboriginal Music Award for Best Video


Rex is a powerful speaker and a talented performer who does not shy away from the truth. Using an enormously effective combination of humour, rap performance, and honest discussion, Rex spoke to the truth of both his own experience as well as the larger experiences of Indigenous people in Canada in a way that left us thinking about our own roles and responsibilities in Canadian society. It was enormously impactful.

Stephanie Lind President

The Canadian University Music Society

When he spoke his first words the audience was mesmerized. His power and the message of his lyrics were truly transformative to witness. He shared very personal stories and the talent with which he did this was really impressive. He was very respectful of his audience and knew that his message was powerful and truthful, yet he shared it in a way that was age appropriate and accessible to all

Stacey McEachern

Teacher, Eric Hamber Secondary School, Vancouver, BC