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I’m Rev. Kris Seastedt, a Registered Medium in Lily Dale, New York. I believe that it is both a privilege and pleasure to be of service to others. I am a member of the Lily Dale Assembly, and ordained Minister, Metaphysician and also a Certified Fairyologist. My greatest privilege is to serve God/Spirit and serving others through my work as both a minister and medium! During our "Summer Camp Season" (end of June to Labor Day) you can find me serving in "The Dale" at outdoor message services, Monday Night Circles, Children's and Teen Week and also on the "Platform" when requested. I also present at KRANTASTIC Special Events, workshops and classes on various topics such as demonstration of mediumship, Shamansim, Positivity, and Fairies. I write a nightly blog that can be found Monday – Thursday on Facebook at Psychic Medium Kris.

I approach every session with your Highest and Best in mind to bring you Love, compassion and healing.

Love, Light and Laughter! Kris




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PO Box 1133 , Lily Dale, NY 14752-1051

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12 South St., Lily Dale, NY 14752

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