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2020-2021 was a year of adapting, investing, and supporting out families however we were able! We are so proud of all of our students and staff for all they have accomplished through uncertain times brought on by COVID-19 and community-wide shutdowns.


Through staying in touch with our local health department as well as mentors and fellow studio owners through More Than Just Great Dancing, Revita opened doors for in-person class once again in the summer of 2020 after 3 months of virtual learning. With social distancing, masks, hand sanitizing, and frequent studio cleaning, we maintained as safe as an environment as was within our control so our students could join us in studio once again!


Even with procedures in place, occasionally the best choice for our students was to continue taking classes virtually. For families in quarantine, high risk individuals, or even occasionally those who were unable to make the drive to class, we invested in making our virtual class experience the best it could be! All Westfield studio rooms were equipped with wide lens cameras to help a virtual student see the class and instructor more fully while attending from home. Large TV screens were added to each room for the teacher to in turn see our virtual students more clearly, and to help incorporate them into the classroom. Finally, all teachers were equipped with mics and an integrated sound system to allow students to hear both their voices and the music at the same time.

While we have continued to keep our waiting areas closed to limit exposure, this new setup has also allowed parents to view the classroom via their devices as the class streams live. We were also able to repave our parking lot allowing for a better parking scenario for students and parents while they waited.


During a time of uncertainty for many in our community, we wanted to make sure that we could keep dance part of as many student’s lives as possible! As part of this, our Revita Dance Studio Scholarship fund was able to provide 10 families with scholarships so they could continue their dance education.

We LOVE our students, families, staff, and community!