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About Me!

Currently working towards my A levels (Physics, Maths, Further Maths and Religious Studies). I set up my Instagram in August 2019 with the intention to help GCSE students whilst i revise for my exams. It was a great success and encouraged many people, as well as myself, to keep motivated and work towards your goals.

Now, i post advice and notes on my account but i strive on posting more than just mind maps; i want to create a community of students that can achieve together.

I got my GCSE results in August 2020, I was extremely pleased getting all A*'s (six 9's and three 8's) and all of my preparation was posted on my account so you can see what steps I took to achieve those grades as well as what i am doing in order to excel in my a levels!

In October I started a free GCSE maths zoom group that is still currently on every Wednesday 7-8:30pm with random bonus sessions on request but that's not all! I have been lucky enough to convince a group of amazing students and tutors to help provide zooms in a range of topics. (you can join the email list to find out about these by filling in this form )

How to get in contact?

-Email me or DM me on instagram @revisewithlivs