Google Reviews

Google Review Factors That Help Search Engine Rankings

Studies report that 93% of all purchase decisions start with online searches. Despite the hundreds of companies competing for buyers’ attention, most are unlikely to click anything below the first few results. If a company ranks high on a search results page, it gets exposure and new customers as well. To get the business to the top of Google’s first page of search results, the site owner must make sure the search engine is looking for the company’s online reviews. In this guide, business owners will learn, through the below factors, how do google reviews help ranking.

Quantity of Reviews

This factor is relatively straightforward. For a company to be considered legitimate, it should have quite a few reviews. Having fewer than 10 reviews makes it seem as if customers don’t care enough to offer their opinions, or, worse yet, like the company owner hired someone to write bogus ratings. Having numerous reviews makes a company look legitimate and relevant, and Google values companies meeting that standard.


Google and the other search engines display results that match what a searcher types into the search bar. Therefore, google reviews containing relevant terms will appear higher in the SERPs than those without. Reviews based on true events rank higher, as do those created by non-paid reviewers. Finally, the site where a review appears has a bearing on rankings. For instance, Google Plus carries more clout than a blog or privately-held website.


Here, speed refers to how fast reviews are accumulated. However, it’s important not to post too many reviews too quickly. A steady trickle of reviews, rather than a nearly instant flood, makes everything look more genuine to the search engines.


How varied are the reviews? Are they different in terms of rating and content, which suggests that real customers have written them? If a company’s reviews are all the same, they’ll seem fishy and won’t give potential buyers genuine ideas about the business.

Google reviews are important not only for the company’s reputation but for its customer attainment and search engine rankings. Working on the factors listed above will help a company climb to the top of the results and enjoy increased success.