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An urgent need has appeared on the market to develop high-tech management systems in order to enable market players to manage work more efficiently. Antares, an international company, has developed such a system. We connect the seller with the consumer, and when supply meets demand, we make profit from commissions. We ensure that companies on the platform have unlimited scaling opportunities and reduce the product cost by cutting promotion expenses. Partners gain substantial rewards for recommendations and the opportunity to build their own network. Investors get access to the most profitable companies and promising startups. According to financial experts at Morgan Stanley, in the next decade 90% of the market will use professional MLM distribution platforms.

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How can I open a consultation center

Office program — is an additional reward program for Independent Business Partners of Antares (IBPA), who opened a consultation office for the company. According to the conditions of the Office program, an IBPA who has a consultation center receives monthly rent from the company, an additional percentage of the structure′s turnover, can participate in company′s private events and get special leadership training.

IBPAs who have reached the level 11 Mentor career status in any of the Antares programs can open an office. The location of the consultation office must coincide with the region where the IBPA resides, while there must be at least 5 people in the first line of this IBPA′s affiliate structure who live in the same region; and at least two of them must have a level 6 Mentor career status. There also must be at least 20 people in three lines of his affiliate structure to the depth of 3 levels, living in the same region as well, of which at least 5 must be of level 6 Mentor status or up.

The office program provides for additional rewards for the structure’s turnover from line 4 to line 10.

As part of the office marketing plan, there is a program to support IBPAs who find themselves without the help of a mentor. This program is called Office supervisor. The Head of the office has the right to connect his structure of IBPAs who are not located in his affiliate network and get rewarded for working with them. At the same time, these IBPAs remain in the affiliate structure of their former superior mentor. How it works: An IBPA, living in the same region as the Head of the consultation office, can join the affiliate network of the Head of the consultation office, by choosing him as his office supervisor in the personal account. At the same time, the Head of the consultation office will be able to receive rewards for the activity of the connected IBPA, and the IBPA, who was left without the support of a superior, will be able to receive the qualified assistance he needs to develop his Antares business. The Head of the consultation center receives 2% of the purchased investment package of the IBPA who joined him under the office program. The connections are carried out in the first line under the Office supervisor program, the connected partner is not included in the main affiliate network of the Head of the office and is not counted in the volume of the structure for other affiliate programs.


Catalyst was registered in 1994 and has been operating in Singapore. Over the 25 years, the company has established itself as a sustainable, reliable and profitable business. The company employs 100 leading traders in the most promising market segments. The use of the high-frequency and quantitative trading as well as electronic digital technology tools enables you to gain high interest rates with a minimal risk of loss.


The Nexus Financial Management Limited hedge fund has been successfully operating since 2010. The company is engaged in trading in such areas as the cryptocurrency market, Forex, the commodity market, stock market and venture capital investments with the help of professional traders, analysts and managers. One of the main advantages of Nexus is the distribution of trading funds in 5 directions. This diversification model protects the invested capital. In case of drawdown in one of the directions, profitability in other directions compensates for losses and gives a positive overall return.

Crypto bot Antares

Antares Crypto Bot (ACB) - trading robots that work on the principle of high-frequency trading using artificial intelligence to generate entry-exit signals.

High-frequency trading (HFT) is the main method of algorithmic trading in financial markets that uses modern equipment and algorithms to quickly trade cryptocurrency. HFT uses special trading strategies that have robots buy and sell positions within a fraction of a second. High-frequency trading has the advantage of direct access to trading and the equipment placed in the same Data Center where the exchange trading system is located. In the case of Antares Crypto Bot, trading robots are located directly in the same cluster as Antares Exchange, which provides for almost no delays.

Antares is planning an IPO and has set a date for 22/02/2022.

An IPO (Initial Public Offering) is a type of public offering in which the company's shares are sold on the stock exchange. This means that the company issues its shares on the market for the first time so that investors initially not related to it in any way can buy them.

Launch of Antares Token

On June 22, 2020, the company launches its token (ANT) and begins to sell it in a limited way according to the “Option for the conclusion of the contract”: an option for the conclusion of the contract is an agreement, according to which one of the parties, by means of an irrevocable offer (proposal to conclude a contract), gives the other party the right to conclude one or more contracts on the conditions stipulated by the option. The other party has the right to conclude a contract by acceptance (consent to conclude a contract).

The rate of the token (ANT) will increase daily according to the algorithm set by the company. The growth will be fixed and pre-programmed.

Investors have the right to purchase tokens (ANT), wait for the exchange rate to increase and sell it on the internal exchange to other participants, thereby making a profit, or wait for the IPO and exchange tokens at the rate of 1 token = 200 shares.

Aristo Investment Management Limited

Aristo Quantum Hedge Fund is registered in Liechtenstein and has been generating exceptional profits for its clients in the global financial markets for 16 years. The hedge fund team consists of highly qualified developers, analysts and programmers, who adhere to mathematical and statistical methods. They use more than 10,000 mathematical algorithms that rely on historical data and calculate the statistical probability of a rise or fall in price.

Synergy Group of Companies

The Synergy began operations on May 4, 2020, making the programs available for its residents. The parent company is Synergy International Group Limited, registered in New Zealand on March 4, 2020. Synergy implements special programs that allow you to purchase goods and services for a part of their cost.

Launch of 12 programs

By the end of 2021, Synergy plans to release many programs covering various human needs, including

Synergy Auto a program that lets you buy a car with a discount of up to 70%

Synergy Moto a program offering motorcycles for 30-50% of its cost

Synergy Home a program that allows you to buy real estate around the world for 40% or 25% of its cost

Synergy Wedding a program with which you can organize a gorgeous wedding party at half the price and receive a certificate for $20,000

and much more

Antares Pay (Card)

Antares Pay is a full-fledged payment ecosystem that includes processing and its own bank card Antares Card, which can be used to pay for purchases and withdraw cash in most countries of the world. The card can be topped up with BTC, ETH, USDT and TRON, as well as with the Antares Dollar (AND) electronic promissory note.

Antares Card is a full-fledged prepaid bank card. It is defined by complete anonymity: the card user and the transactions carried out by him cannot be identified.

How it works

At the time of card top-up, the recharge currencies are automatically converted into the US dollar (USD) at the rate of the Kraken exchange. When paying for purchases or withdrawing cash, USD is converted into any fiat currency where the transaction takes place (at the exchange rate of the bank serving the POS terminal, ATM or online service).

Options Profit Team

Antares Gambling

Antares Gambling is an online gambling service provider that will include over 600 game variations ranging from classic roulette and poker to the latest hits in the gaming industry. The platform will be available in over 90 countries of the world, and users will be able to top up their accounts, both with a regular card, and using AND and cryptocurrencies. The Antares Gambling platform is officially registered in the self-governing state entity of Curacao and has an official E-Zone gaming license. To scale Antares Gambling services, it was decided to turn to crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding is a modern system for collecting investments around the world in a relatively short time. It is a widely used model for financing startups and young, innovative companies. By purchasing options in various rounds, investors become co-owners of Antares Gambling and participate in the distribution of profits. Exclusively for Antares Gambling, Antares has developed a roadmap for attracting investments in the startup for the full-scale implementation of the gambling platform. Below, you can find the roadmap in the form of a table, which shows the implementation time, divided into 10 time periods, called rounds. Each round lasts 30 calendar days. Thus, the total time for startup implementation takes 300 calendar days. During each round, company partners can purchase options at a price set for each round. At the end of each round, the platform will be updated with new features, which will expand the platform's capabilities, as well as increase the cost of options and the company's capitalization. Accordingly, the earlier partners purchase options, the more profitable their investment will be.

Global Trade Union

Global Trade Union is a global hedge fund that uses global macro strategies in its trading sessions. The fund is registered in New York, USA. The fund has been operating for more than 5 years, since 2015, and during this time, it has managed to gain a solid reputation among many clients. Throughout the entire period of operation, the fund has shown steady and stable business growth, and its unique tools, which are constantly being improved, provide investors around the world with the opportunity to receive high returns with a low level of risk.