Twilight Princess++

Introducing Twilight Tweaked for Gaming PCs!

Zelda Twilight Tweaked for Gaming PCs is a unique console exclusive action adventure experience enhanced with graphical features and effects only available on PC including framerate hack, tesselation, 3d mapped environments, 4k textures, directional lighting and shadows, illumination maps, and much more. Keep reading to get yours!

This project comes with a user friendly installation package and launch executable like any other PC game and requires no special configuration to run. Simply install, add your rom (as bin.iso) and play.

This project is dependent on technology exclusive to a special emulator with some very specific optimizations and features exclusive to Twilight Princess called Dolphin Ishiiruka 9.50. Ishiiruka is installed and configured automatically during setup and requires no manual configuration. However, you are encouraged to crank that shit as high as you can :). By default the project runs on the Vulkan API which yields maximum performance but lacks a lot of features available on Directx 11 and 12 namely tesselation and shaders. You are encouraged to explore, what works best for you.

This project may contain non copyrighted community created content from multiple authors including formfactor, Ty Anderson, Hamasaki Productions, Victor Rosa, and possibly others without expressed consent. You are encouraged to check out their respective works at the links below:

Victor Rosa:

Ty Anderson:

Hamasaki Productions:

Download Twilight Tweaked for Gaming PCs v.95b:

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