Medicaid Expansion & Healthcare

Health care in the United States has turned into big business for insurance companies and health care providers. Unfortunately today’s changing economic landscape makes it difficult for many people to get the health care services that they need. Quality and essential health care is becoming something that is only available for the wealthy. This is completely unacceptable. Quality and affordable health care is something that should be available to everyone.

"I believe that quality healthcare is a right that should be available to every citizen regardless of income level, and not just a luxury available only to the wealthy."
-Christopher A. Countryman, Storming the Statehouse 2015

Christopher A. Countryman is in favor of:

  • In favor of expanding Medicaid so that healthcare is easier to obtain by the lower and middle class citizens of Alabama.
  • In favor of a health care system that focuses on the needs of working class citizens and families instead of focusing on the profits of insurance companies and health care providers.
  • In favor of a health care system that is accessible to all citizens regardless of their income level or their ability to pay.
  • In favor of supporting a woman’s right to choose regarding their parenting options during and after pregnancy.
  • In favor of providing educational resources and counseling services to low income women, through government funded women's health care organizations, regarding their parenting options during pregnancy.
  • In favor of supporting women’s health care organizations that provide vital healthcare services for women, who rely on its clinics every year for affordable and quality health care services such as cancer prevention, STD and HIV testing and general primary health care services.
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