There has been some questions regarding Christopher's choice to continue in the gubernatorial race as a write-in candidate. We will attempt to answer as many of those questions here. If you have any other questions you can email us at winning@rethinkalabama.com.

Why Is Countryman Running as a Write-in Candidate?

A write-in candidate is a candidate in an election whose name does not appear on the ballot, but for whom voters may vote nonetheless by writing in the person's name.

The reason why Christopher A. Countryman is running as a write-in candidate, instead of having his name on the ballot during the November 6the election date, is because on June 5th he did not win the nomination of the Democratic Party of Alabama. This was because of the following reasons:

    • Possible election fraud where someone gained access to a voting locations voting machines where they were able to tamper with the machines, and or switch out paper ballots and image files with those of doctored paper ballots and image files.
    • Exclusion of Countryman by the winning candidate, and some of their supporters, from public debates that resulted in Countryman experiencing a handicap in the election by reducing the number of possible voters that he could reach. The reason this is a handicap, rather than a good campaign stagey on behalf of his opponent, is because public debates and forums by law are open to every candidate. By refusing a candidate access to any public forum or debate that candidate, in this case Countryman, would be unable to utilize a resource that he is legally able to use without cost to his campaign. In other words it is a resources that he should have access to use in order to reach voters that is in no way a reflection on his campaigns ability to secure or carry out the implementation of the resource.
    • Due to the bias media there is the possibility that voters were given the false impression that the winning candidate was the only one capable of winning, was the only one with a relevant platform, or was the only one running. This was evident in the weeks leading up to the election when Fox News out of Montgomery reported on the elections and implied on several occasions that only two out of the six Democrats were still running. This occurred when they featured all six of the republican candidates in their report and then said that they would feature the Democratic candidates later in the news report, and then once they did they only showed and mentioned two of the Democratic candidates. This left the impression to some that there was only two Democratic candidates. It also kept Countryman from being able to share his platform, which his exclusion from these news reports is actually a violation of FCC laws and we are looking into it deeper.
    • The combined affect of the possible reasons we have already mentioned, with the inclusion of other possible reasons, could have also played a big role in the reasons why Countryman polled so low in the election. There are also tell-tell signs that something was extremely wrong during this election. The polling numbers when the vote totals came in just didn't line up with the facts surrounding the Countryman campaign, and the campaign of some of the other candidates. For more information on these inconsistencies, and why we believe that Countryman was targeted to lose by the winning candidate, please email us at winning@rethinkalabama.com.

Is Voting For Countryman as a Write-in Legal?

Absolutely. Alabama law allows any person to run as a write-in candidate for public office, and allows them to do so at any stage in the election process.

Is Countryman Still a Democrat?

Yes, Christopher A. Countryman has always believed in the core values and principals of the Democratic party. It is those principles that make up the foundation of the platform that Countryman has built his platform on. That is not to say that he will always remain one. Just like a crew member or a captain of a large ship Christopher believes in staying aboard and trying to repair the ship before it sinks. But if at a certain point fixing the ship becomes a concern, and there seems to be no alternative, he will make the decision then which lifeboat to get into and when to start building a new ship.

It can be said without any question that Christopher's core values and basic principals will always be aligned with those of our current Democratic party. They are the values that have made up much of who he is, and the policies that he supports. If those values began to differ from those of Christopher's then Christopher will decide at that point which direction he needs to go.

Is Countryman Trying To Split The Democratic Party?

Absolutely not. Christopher A. Countryman ran and qualified as a Democrat, but he made a commitment to the people of Alabama to always stand with them, and to fight for them. Countryman believed that by withdrawing from the gubernatorial race after the primary election that he would be turning on the people of Alabama, and breaking his promise to the people who trusted his leadership.

If anything Countryman would be uniting the party. This is because the people have lost faith in their government, and in a lot of candidates for public office. The people have been lied to so many times that there is already a feeling of disunity among them. By Countryman's decision to still keep campaigning he is aiding in rebuilding the Democratic party by allowing the people to see that there are some of those candidates that keep their word to the citizens, and it opens up the door for other people to start unifying the people over the common principals of integrity, ethics, and character that make up Countryman's most distinguishable traits.

How Does Someone Vote For a Write-in Candidate?

Easy. When you are given your ballot at the polling location, where you go to vote, look in the area designated for Governor. There will be an oval to darken-in that doesn't have a printed name next to it. This is the area that is designated as the place to cast votes for write-in candidates. You will need to darken in that oval and to write-in Christopher A. Countryman in the space provided.

It is important that you write in the name Christopher A. Countryman. Although Alabama law does allow you to use variations in a candidates name there is a possibility that they may not be counted if the Secretary of State believes that it could be interpreted as a vote cast for another person. For instance if you were to put C. Countryman in the write in field in order to vote for Christopher A. Countryman the Secretary of State could assume that you wanted to cast your vote for anyone in the state with the initial C. Countryman, and rightfully so. You could have meant Charles, Cindy or even Casey. Because of that please use Christopher A. Countryman for the name when you cast your vote for him.

Please keep in mind that this is the method to use for writing in any other candidates name, for any offices in the state. While Christopher A. Countryman would love to have your vote in November for Governor he also values the election process of our democracy. If there is another candidate that you would like to cast your vote for then these instructions would apply for them as well, just don't accidentally use Christopher's name as the name you write to cast a vote for another person.

Thank you. Please vote for Christopher A. Countryman as Governor by writing-in his name on your ballot on November 6th, 2018.