With water being one of our most important, and valuable, natural resources we must work diligently to conserve our water resources. The risk of our waterways and rivers being polluted is a risk to great to take. Part of our responsibility includes providing safe drinking water for citizens statewide while ensuring that our water treatment facilities are working efficiently.

This is an extremely important issue in Alabama. Our streams, rivers and water ways are extremely important to our state's economy, and roughly 70% of the state believes that states water supplies are at risk due to a variety of factors.

The importance of passing a comprehensive statewide water plan is so important that 77% of the Republicans support implementing a statewide policy that addreses concerns about our water supply. There is also overwhelming support from the Independents and Democrats, with 77% of the Independents in support and 90% of the Democrats in support. Only 15% of the combined totals of Republicans, Independents and Democrats are opposed to a statewide comprehensive water policy.

With such wide spread support, all across the political spectrum, I believe that we will be able to pass a detailed comprehensive statewide water policy to protect our most valuable natural resource without any problems. This is part of my commitment to "Alabama the Beautiful", and makes up part of my economic redevelopment and growth policy that utilizes the recycling industry and clean renewable energy industry.

I had recently been asked how I would pass my policies given the number of Republicans currently in our Government. I responded that I would focus on finding common ground on which all parties could agree to implement the changes needed for sustainable economic redevelopment and growth utilizing the elements in my policy.

The importance of a statewide water policy, as it relates to recycling and clean renewable energy, is an excellent example of how I will gain bipartisan support to move Alabama forward. The statistics that are provided, which shows the amount of support in this measure, illustrates perfectly the depth of success that I intend to have in my adminstration.

    • Make sure that local water supplies are measured, and conserved, in order to meet the areas needs during times of drought.
    • Provide resources to modernize irrigation for farms in Alabama with more efficient means by which water is used and conserved..
    • Implement conservation efforts limiting the removal of water by upstream users during water shortages, so that our beautiful rivers and streams do not dry up.
    • Create policies that require permits for major water users so that can measure the water use more accurately while conserving the amount of water used by utilitiy companies, agricultural users, manufacturers and others. As suggested by The Southern Environmental Law Center The Alabama Department of environmental management will review the permits issued annually, and issue a detailed report on Alabama's water supply which will be available to all citizens for reference and information.