School System Safety & Security

Addressing safety concerns in Alabama's school systems.

What Issues Does My "School System Safety & Security Policy" Address & Cover.

There is a lot of talk about how to address the issue of safety, especially in our schools, due to recent events. I can guarantee you that arming our teachers shouldn't even be an option. It is an unneeded measure that is forged out of an abyss of bad ideas based in policies of laziness. What we can do is use smart innovative ideas that offers non-intrusive methods for addressing school security and safety concerns. Starting day one that I am Governor making our schools a safe and secure place for parents, teachers, administrators and students will be one of my main priorities.

What Will My Plan Accomplish?

  • Increase the safety and security of our schools within Alabama in effective, affordable non-intrusive ways.
  • Implement the use of wireless camera surveillance systems that are connected to remote viewing stations around the campus for teachers and school administrators.
  • Implement several closed network surveillance servers and computers to monitor the school security systems.
  • Implement the use of a custom built smartphone and computer application for use on the cellphones, tablets and computers of teachers and school administrators so that they can receive real time alerts and updates about security or safety risks from anywhere on campus.
  • Implement the use of concealed wall mounted metal detectors in schools that are statistically more prone to violence, drugs or gangs.
  • Implement the use of student counselors by ensuring that each and every high-school in Alabama has access to a full time employed guidance counselor, or has access to an on-call guidance counselor, who is trained to identify and counsel students who may be prone to acts of violence or who display violent tendencies towards others.
  • Implement the use of on-call psychologists in each school district who can be called in by school administrators, after consulting with the parents of legal guardians of the student, in situations where such services would be needed.
  • Provide deescalation training for teachers and school administrators in each school system to assist in diffusing situations where a student could potentially become unruly or uncooperative, cause harm to themselves or cause harm to another person.

Innovative Approaches to School Safety, Security & Education Advancements

  • Use that which is a problem, and make it a strength. I am talking about students cell phones at school. It seems that we are fighting a losing battle when it comes to keeping students from bringing their cellphones to class. So we use that to our advantage by implementing a free school educational application that can be installed on the smartphones of our students and teachers. Students will be able to use the application for enhancing their education experience and thus increasing their success rate in school. Teachers will use the application to plan, coordinate and keep track of their class assignments and student progress. Teachers and school administrators will be able to monitor, coordinate and plan all aspects of the educational process easily and effectively, as well as receiving real time updates of any threats on campus that are picked up by the wireless security cameras, motion detectors and early warning systems.
  • By utilizing open-source software such as Google Classroom, which is quickly outperforming traditional textbook teaching methods, the need for students to utilize bulky bookbags, that could be used to conceal weapons, could eventually be phased out. This is due to advancements in technology which allows each student to learn using interactive cloud based applications on their smartphones, tablets, or computers. These innovative methods for teaching increase the students potential for education success while reducing the need for as many textbooks or other similar materials.

How My "School System Safety & Security Policy" Will Be Funded

  • My plan for addressing school safety and security does not increase the education budget substantially. Since most of the applications, and software packages, utilize free open-source software there is no out of the box costs. This means that the software that is installed on the the computer systems and servers designated to be used for various administrative functions, including safety and security, will not cost the school system anything at all. Then the savings can go even further with the use of donated or refurbished routers, cellphones to be used as wireless IP cameras, server mainframes, etc. This approach will save money by lowering our educational budget, and eliminate adding on the existing education budget.
  • By using opensource equipment and smartphones, that are donated or bought at below wholesale costs, school administrators can monitor the campus at all times by utilizing open-source software that allows refurbished smartphones to be used as wireless IP cameras. These wireless IP cameras can be placed around the campus and can be viewed from any smartphone, computer, tablet or security terminal.
  • Any other additional costs incurred by my plan will be funded by:
    • Revenue generated from the implementation of the expansion of Alabama's landfill recycling and waste management industry with the creation of 12,000 new industry jobs.
    • Revenue generated from the employment taxes, business taxes, and spinoff taxes generated form the 1,500 new clean renewable energy jobs created in the state.
    • Revenue generated from taxing existing electronic bingo facilities, gaming facilities, and dog track facilities that operating in the state.
    • Revenue generated from the taxes on current "Lottery Like" scratch off games disguised as coupons and phone card minutes that are sold around the state.