Job Creation & Retention

One of the most important issues in Alabama is job creation and retention. Our state is in desperate need of well paying jobs that will be able to grow and flourish while becoming contributing factors in building a thriving economy here in our state. We have the opportunity to bring a variety of jobs into Alabama that pays livable wages and provides job security. Some of the jobs that I am committed to bringing to our state are within the clean renewable energy industry and the construction and material handling industry. Because of the increased needs within the clean renewable energy industry their also becomes an increased need for construction workers and material handlers. This provides the incredible opportunity we have to dramatically increase the number of well paying jobs due to how these two industries are co-dependent on one another. However we have the opportunity to bring other jobs into the state as well. We simply need a governor who cares about all the people of Alabama, and who believes that job creation and retention is important to our economic success, and to the overall quality of life for Alabama's citizens.