Education System Reform

Alabama has struggled over the years to provide our students with a quality education that adequately prepares them for an ever-changing economic landscape. Many politicians have continued proposing budget cuts to the states education fund to pay for many non-essential programs and excessively wasteful spending by our government. Budget cuts to Alabama's education fund is never a solution when it comes to our students future and their education

Low income families have also struggled to further their educations at colleges or universities due to excessively high, and usually unobtainable tuition costs. This travesty is made worse when colleges continue to offer expensive scholarships to high school sports stars while ignoring many students who exhibit incredible academic potential but are unable to experience their potential because of their difficulties paying the high tuition costs.

Our graduating students can not be expected to compete in today’s challenging job market if they don't have the education and resources needed to succeed.

Christopher is in favor of:

  • In favor of providing more incentives for teachers, administrators, and schools where students meet or exceed the national average.
  • In favor of increased funding for science and math education within middle schools and high schools.
  • In favor of providing more college scholarships for students who excel at Math and Science in public schools.
  • In favor of laws requiring more oversight into the state’s educational system and educational budget.
  • In favor of using students, who are a part of a state rehabilitation program (see Crime Prevention), to assist in the janitorial and maintenance duties in selected school districts. This would be part of a supervised community service program within the juvenile justice system.
  • This would assist in revitalizing schools that are in need of extra care and maintenance that are lacking due to budget restraints.
  • This would assist in providing at risk students with essential skills that could assist them in the job market.