The Economy & Wages

Alabama citizens from all different walks of life have been struggling financially because of our current economical challenges and because of a minimum wage that barely meets the needs of the average worker, let alone an entire family. The average working class citizen is barely able to cover their living expenses. This has caused a decrease in spending by consumers, as they struggle to save every last penny, and because of this our economic recovery has been slow. It is essential that the minimum wage is increased, so that Alabama citizens can survive and contribute to the economic recovery within the state.

Christopher A. Countryman is in favor of:

  • In favor of fixing tax loopholes that benefit the super wealthy and enforce legislation that requires them to pay their fair share in taxes. Big business, and the banking and loan industry, have been taking advantage of the working class citizens for way to long.
  • In favor of raising the minimum wage in Alabama. This would ensure an increased revenue stream for the lower and middle class and help stimulate the economy as consumers begin to invest back into the economy. Provisions would be made that allows small and medium sized businesses time to adapt to the minimum wage increases so that the economy can improve without putting these bussiness' survival in jeopardy.
  • In favor of legislation allowing electronic bingo and lottery gamming in Alabama. All gaming would be monitored and regulated by the state allowing each individual county to decide weather or not to allow lottery gamming or electronic bingo in their county.
  • In favor of creating more well-paying jobs that benefit a larger groups of individuals.
  • In favor of the super-rich, including big business corporations, paying their fair share of taxes. Since the super-rich don't pay their fair share of taxes there is a lack of funding for some of the vital programs within the state.
  • In favor of bringing more clean energy jobs to the state, and implementing job core training for workers are looking to change careers from tjeir current job working in the fossil fuel industry.
  • In favor of eliminating state sales tax on food and beverages. This would not include food such as; holiday candy, energy drinks, diet supplement drinks, bakery items, or food that is prepared and served in a restaurant.