Budget Reform

Our current, as well as past few state administrations have abused their power and authority for personal gain, advancement of propaganda, and irresponsible financial decisions that have directly affected each and every citizen.

Christopher A. Countryman, is committed to balancing the state budget, creating a surplus in the states general fund, adequately funding current programs, and preparing financially for new, or expanding, state programs that benefit the citizens instead of the politicians that prey on the people of Alabama.

Christopher is in favor of:

  • In favor of spending cuts on non-essential programs, goods or services that are allocated for state use.
  • In favor of holding elected officials more accountable for their personnel and business expenses that are paid for by the state.
  • In favor of renegotiating all food and beverage supply contracts, office supply contracts, uniform contracts, consulting contracts, or other negotiable services that are alocated for state use in favor of more affordable options.
  • In favor of reforming Alabama ethics laws to include an accountability system that provides more oversight into the use of state funds, vehicles, equipment, and properties that are allocated to elected officials and state employees.
  • In favor of finding more affordable travel arrangements for the Governor and his staff while traveling within the state. This would include minimum use of the Governors jet for travel within the state as well as some select travel outside of the state.