Government of The People ...

For decades Alabama has faced an uphill battle when it comes to moving forward in a positive and progressive manner, due largely in part to a continued ethical decay among many elected officials currently serving in Montgomery.

But the time to rethink Alabama has come, and it's time to rethink who we elect to work in Montgomery while representing the people of Alabama.

As Governor, Christopher A. Countryman promised to tackle the tough issues that many elected officials have choose to ignore, to stand up against corrupt politicians who've preyed on the states citizens and to put the people first by focusing on the needs of Alabama's citizens.

It's time to put someone in the statehouse who will take all the steps necessary to finally get Alabama back on track. It's time to do what's best for Alabama. Its time to rethink Alabama and to elect Christopher A. Countryman as Governor.

There is hope for Alabama and it starts with electing Christopher A. Countryman as our next governor.