Restoring Nature, Economy, and Security
at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Recommendations: Restoring nature, economy, and security at the U.S.-Mexico border (English)

Restaurar Naturaleza, Economia, Seguridad en la Frontera (Español)

Letter from former Secretaries of the Interior Bruce Babbitt and Sally Jewell to President Joe Biden

Organizational Capacity for Restoration in the Borderlands 2021:
Results from a Survey of Organizations Active in the Border States of Mexico and the US

Press Release: Former Interior Secretaries Call for Jobs Program to Restore Land, Water, and Communities Scarred by Flawed Border Policies

By Gary Nabhan and Austin Nuñez, with support from twelve other authors representing Indigenous, environmental, and social justice concerns in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands

By Lorenzo J. de Rosenzweig P.

AZSenateMemorial_Gabaldon _FirstRegularSession_2021.pdf

State of Arizona

A Memorial urging the Congress of the United States of America to revitalize the natural resources and economy of the borderlands


State of New Mexico

A Memorial urging members of the New Mexico Congressional delegation and all other members of the United States Congress to restore the nature, economy and security of the United States and Mexico border