Written by Andrea Ambam 

Directed by Tammie Swopes

Friday, February 24, 2023 - Sunday, March 5, 2023 

at Provincetown Playhouse

R(estoration) I(n) P(rogress)

Written by Andrea Ambam

Directed by Tammie Swopes

R(estoration) I(n) P(rogress) or R.I.P. follows the healing journey of an estranged mother and son after a police-involved death forces them back together. Now thrust in front of the public eye to perform as the perfect poster family, Jamal and Layla must navigate a convoluted legal system and parasitic media all while struggling to reconcile their newfound relationship. 

In response to the racial violence of the 1890s-1930s (and beyond), Black women playwrights pioneered a genre of theatre known as “anti-lynching plays.” Cultural critic and scholar, Koritha Mitchell, writes that these plays created space for Black people to “rehearse belonging” in the face of racial terrorism. In R.I.P., we are activating Provincetown Playhouse to rehearse healing. To rehearse loving. And to rehearse questioning and confronting the systems and institutions that continue to do us harm. 

A Note On Content: R(estoration) I(n) P(rogress) discusses, but does not depict, stage, or display any acts of police brutality or other forms of state-sanctioned violence. 


Murphy Lorenzo Applin Jr.

Siobhan Crystal Alexander

Will Bruno

Ryan L. Gosling

Jake Malavsky

Lauren Ann Palmeri

Greaves Ponder



Andrea Ambam


Tammie Swopes

Production Stage Manager

Alicia Cabrera Tactuk

Producer/Costume Designer

Amy Cordileone

Scenic Concepts

Gabriel Torres, Tammie Swopes, Alicia Cabrera Tactuk, & Joe Mathers

Lighting Designer

Jhona Coombs

Sound Designer/Original Composition

Patrick Irwin

Projection Designer 

Attilio Rigotti

Videographer/Video Editor

Jovon Outlaw

Speech & Debate Coach

Ryan L. Gosling

Graphic Design

Edwina Owens-Elliot

Assistant Stage Managers

Blair Bean, Matthew Foster, & Asha John

Sound / Projection Assistant

Sammie Taxman


Friday, February 24

8:00PM ET   

Saturday, February 25

8:00PM ET   

Sunday, February 26  

3:00 PM ET

Thursday, March 2

8:00PM ET

Friday, March 3

8:00PM ET

Saturday, March 4

8:00PM ET 

Sunday, March 5

3:00PM ET