The workshop will be held on August 15th, 2021. The schedule is given below. All times are in Pacific Time.

8am-8.05am: Opening Address

8.05am-9.05am: Keynote Talk by Besmira Nushi

9.15-10.15: Keynote Talk by Sara Hooker

10.15-10.25: Break

10.25-11:30: Spotlight Paper Presentations

11:30-12.30: Panel Discussion with Kush Varshney, Sarah Bird, Nashlie Sephus and Julia Stoyanovich

12.30-12.40: Break

12.40-13.10: Demo by IBM Research: Trusted AI Toolkits

13.15-13.45: Demo by Microsoft: FairLearn

13.45-14.45: Poster Session at

14.45: Closing Address

Registration Information: Registration for the workshop is through KDD. For registering ONLY for the workshop, please use: