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How to Respond To the Negative Reviews by Your Customers

Most of the people talk about how to get positive reviews on their product page but very few consider negative reviews something worth talking about. The people who talk about negative reviews do not have anything positive to say about them.

According to a survey, one out of every five reviews appears to be negative. And the matter of fact is that a negative review, among some positive ones, is not something to worry about. A negative review can make the potential customers feel like they have done their research. Hence, they are more likely to proceed for the purchase of your product. This is due to the fact that everyone is not going to think positive about anything. And so, the negative reviews can enhance the credibility of a product or brand. In other words, a negative review can add credibility to the positive reviews. Moreover, you are going to respond to the negative reviews. Your quick response is going to tell the customers that you are a genuine brand.

Now, you need to keep in mind that you cannot ignore any negative reviews you receive. You are going to have to respond to those reviews.

Have a plan and make sure that you follow the plan

When you are responding to a negative review, you are replying to real person. It means that you have to have a plan to deal with the customer complaints. Having that said, you need to avoid responding to a negative review unless until you are absolutely sure how to respond.

Have an understanding of the tools

It would be great if you know what kind of merchant responses are allowed on different review websites. The ability to edit review provides you with an opportunity to make things going in your favor.

The positives from negative reviews

As mentioned above, negative reviews are not always bad. A few negative reviews tell you about the problems that you need to deal with. This way, you try respond to the customer and make necessary corrections for their satisfaction.

Make sure that you are not ignoring the issue

Many people do not consider reviews to be very important. If you think that a negative review on your site is not going to have much impact on your business, think again. Not responding this bad review is going make you oblivious of the real underlying issue; and it can turn out to be very bad for your business.

SEO Trends That Are Going To Matter In 2019

If you want to ride on the top ranks in Google, you have to make sure that you are working on a robust SEO plan. And when it comes to planning, you will need to keep an eye on the trends that are going to matter in the future. In the start of 2019, we are going to discuss about the trends that are going to dominate the world of SEO in 2019.

Mobile first index

There has been a lot of talking about mobile-first-index in 2018. Google fully implemented this system and now we are only going to see it rising in the future. Since more people are joining the community of mobile web, there is surely the need for implementation of protocols that would give mobile sites an edge.

One thing worth mentioning in this regard is that the mobile-first doesn’t mean that desktop sites are not going to matter. Both versions of the sites are going to matter. With mobile-first, Google is going to give preference to the sites which are going to have better mobile versions.

Page speed

Page speed is something Google seems pretty concerned about. Google has been insisting people to deliver best user experience and that too with improved speed. As a matter of fact, page speed has become more of a ranking factor in the world of SEO. Now, it may be worth mentioning here Google doesn’t declare specific loading time as a standard which the websites need to fulfill in order to be called faster. However, it surely emphasizes on eliminating every factor which prevents a website from loading faster. The Google is working on speed metric and we can hope that it will be out in the open sooner than later.

Brand as a ranking signal

One thing that you may find interesting here is that Google now considers brand mentions for the ranking of the websites. With the help of unlinked brand mentions, Google understands that your website is an entity. It then analyzes the properties of different mentions in order to calculate the authority of your brand and website.

The most important thing to be focused in a brand mention is the context and emotion. It means that Google tends to learn about the main reason a brand is being mentioned. If the brand is favored during the discussion, the website related to that brand is promoted in search results.

Amazon Search

The first thing worth mentioning here is that Amazon is not a global search engine like Google. It is a search engine within Amazon site. But this website has become a trademark for Ecommerce throughout the web. Most of the people go straight to Amazon when they want to do the online shopping. This trend is something which the Google cannot ignore and, thus, it considers Amazon search ranking a ranking factor. Having that said, it remains very important to keep Amazon optimization in mind if you are willing to start an ecommerce business.