Amazing Benefits of Resistance Training

It’s a generally known fact that exercise is good for health. But there has been confusion whether or not resistance exercise can have the benefits that many people claim. Well, the good news is that resistance exercise has been found as a great way to have a healthy life, according to a research.

For those who do not have an idea what resistance exercise, it is a workout which involves increasing muscle strength by working against a force or weight. These exercises mainly involve working with your own body weight, free weight, weight machine, and resistance band.

The good news we are talking about is that resistance training can actually help you in controlling and even preventing chronic musculoskeletal diseases. Having that said, you can prevent and even treat the diseases such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and lower back pain with the help of resistance training.

‘Sports Medicine’, famous sports journal, confirmed that resistance training can be helpful in preventing injuries, improving fitness, maintaining mobility, and enhancing different body functions. This training can also be considered as an effective therapeutic treatment for certain musculoskeletal disorders. With enhanced physical strength and fitness, this training also boosts confidence. Hence, you can get your quality of life enhanced with this training.

In many cases, the chiropractors suggest their patients to do some resistance exercises. As mentioned above, these exercises can be quite handy in treating a number of issues related to lower back, muscles and joints; so, chiropractors can definitely include such exercises in their treatment plans. A few treatments which you can get with the help of resistance training may include:

  • Treatment of tennis elbow
  • Anterior neck muscles’ strengthening
  • Treatment of lower back pain
  • Correction of posture
  • Activation of Gluteus
  • Global muscular and spinal conditioning

Nevertheless, going for the resistance training in order to get above mentioned treatments without getting professional advice is something which the chiropractors may not advise. Sometimes, the bones and muscles are so weak that they might not tolerate the pressure which comes on the body during resistance training. Moreover, you will need to be fully aware about how to make your body ready for the tough exercises. Chiropractors would help you by suggesting the best warm up exercises prior to resistance training. They might also tell you about the nutrition you should focus on while having resistance training as a part of your daily routine.