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Implementing Managing Moments and the LIFESmart Labs PhD Canvas via Professor Rama Dasaratha, and the 3Vs Resilience Framework. Boosting -


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"If you have kiddos in your life, whether family or friend. I can highly recommend Jane Tyson's Resilient Kids. Thanks Jane for the pleasure of hosting your sessions as part of our Dulux Wellfest events today" Debi

"Jane creates a safe, calming space for children to express themselves. Over the course of the sessions I've attended, self-consciousness melts away and you'll see that there's nothing like the joy of a child who's done something they didn't think they could do" Jen Gale

"What about Dads, Jane? I got told to man-up by a friend... so often we get side-lined, we need support too. I appreciate your coaching style and the tips you shared with me to reduce my overwhelm and upset during a difficult time in my life" A Dad

"Thank you Resilient Kids for an inspired and refreshing experience! I often talk about "resiliency" with adults but we have yet to translate that conversation into the language of our small human. He had a great time and we look forward to learning with you again soon" Dee

Jane is very engaging, and looks to really get to know each child, in order to formulate a bespoke plan. She uses new and innovative ideas on how to facilitate the learning of each child. Richard

"I found the resilient parenting group, incredibly helpful and supportive. As a dad of two daughters, dealing with everything from friendships, to household chores, to getting a goods nights sleep, the ideas and shares in the group, were useful to both me and to my family. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn and share the parenting journey with others" Tom Watson

Below is a little video I made about Courage.

Speaking at Burpham Wellfest, August 2021

A random picture of my mum and step-dad on our allotment about 10 years ago! People say it takes a village to raise a child, not everyone has access to one though. It can be lonely out there, even overwhelming. Who to turn to for support, reassurance and signposting?

A Parenting Workshop

Talk For Dorking Minds

A Creative Mum and Child Session

A mindfulness session and talk for kids in a school

My Youth Mental Health First Aid Certificate

I've also recently been involved with co-authoring a book with 69 other mums for children. On its release day, it went to number one across 8 categories on Amazon.

Meanings Over Milestones

"Jane, you bring a reality that folk really relate to. This includes the ability to make mistakes, to not mind, and to find ways to recover from mistakes" Peter Jones, Dad

A mum asked her daughter in her words she liked my online Resilient Kids' sessions and she said “I like them, I like the feeling I can just be myself and Jane gives me lots of encouragement”

"I would definitely recommend and tell friends about Resilient Kids purely because anything that can encourage and empower our children to be the best they can be and be happy and confident with who they are is a win for me as a mum" Lizzy - Mum of two wonderful girls aged 10 and 5.

I have a full DBS, and am an experienced teacher, facilitator, tutor, creative coach, youth mental health first aider, community host and LIFESmart Learning Guide. As a mum of teenagers, I am passionate about supporting children's mental health and wellbeing. My Education with Psychology BA Hons degree also inspired a lifelong interest in human potential and what makes individual's tick (which actually turns out not to be tick boxes, stickers and reward charts)

The video below was created by my colleague Colin in response to this post about the value of nature for our chidren's mental health and wellbeing.

Always a pleasure to chat with Jonathan too

"Jane, do you teach others how to deliver your Resilient Kids programme, actually it's more of a philosophy isn't it?" said Alistair

"Yes, it's my intention to create a movement of Resilient Kids spaces that can be simply woven into family life, schools, clubs, organisations etc and share the 3Vs - VISION, VITALITY AND VOICE"

If you are interested in using "Resilient Kid's Tools" in your portfolio of work with kids, then please get in contact.

I look forward to our conversation

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from as young an age as possible, our children need to understand that when the branch breaks they can trust their wings