Complete the Reset Application below to request that a NC Licensed Attorney review your case.

  • All of the following criteria MUST be met in order for your case to qualify for our services:
  • Your case MUST be an infraction or misdemeanor traffic offense which was set for initial hearing in Wake County, NC District Court, not more than ten (10) days prior to your submitting you Reset Application;
  • You MUST NOT have missed any prior Court date, even in another case;
  • Your missed Court date MUST have been the first Court setting for the case;
  • Your missed Court date MUST have been scheduled in District Courtroom 101, Wake County Justice Center in Raleigh, North Carolina (Sometimes this Court is referred to as "Disposition Court"); and
  • Your case MUST be one defined as a "waivable offense" under NC Statutes and the Wake County, NC Local Rules of Practice (A list of "waivable offenses" can be found here on the website) Please note that more serious cases, such as Driving While Impaired ("DWI") or Driving While License Revoked ("DWLR") are termed "mandatory appearance" or "non-waivable offenses," and are NOT cases that can be reset using this site! (A list of "mandatory appearance" or "non-waivable offenses" can be found here on the website).

By completing the form below, you are certifying, to us and to the Court, that you understand these terms of service and agree to abide by the same. If you accept the terms of service and want to proceed, complete the form below and submit it for consideration.

Here's the Five Step Process:

  1. Fully, truthfully and accurately complete and submit to us the Reset Application form below.
  2. We must confirm there is no conflict of interest in representing you.
  3. You must receive our email confirming representation and conditionally accepting your case for service together with our Limited Engagement Letter, our Waiver of Appearance and any other forms necessary for us to complete the limited representation.
  4. You must accept, execute and return to us your signed "Waiver of Appearance" and "Limited Engagement Letter" and any other forms necessary for us to complete the limited representation.
  5. Pay our fee on the electronic invoice we send to you.

Upon completion of all five steps above, we will undertake a limited engagement to continue your case and thereafter notify you of the new court date, if the Court grants the motion.

You are free to represent yourself at the new court date, hire us to represent you at the next court date or hire another attorney of your own choosing. Our representation described on this portal is for a limited engagement, solely for the purpose of moving the Court to strike your FTA, obtaining a Court ordered continuance of your matter to a later court date (typically approximately four weeks later than the original Court date) and communicating the results of the Motion to you at the email address you provide.