Forgot A Court Date?

Relax, Don't Panic, We Can Help.

Click here to visit the NC Administrative Office of the Courts

("AOC") webpage to determine your UPCOMING Court date.

*Past Court dates DO NOT APPEAR on the AOC Website above. If you have forgotten your court date, and you don't find the date when searching the above site, that is a reasonable indication that you missed your Court date and now are likely "Called and Failed."

Thousands of times a day, all over North Carolina, drivers charged with minor traffic offenses are required to attend Court to resolve speeding tickets, and other infractions. And in the hectic world we live in, many people get busy with kids, family, work, responsibilities...and suddenly find themselves in a panic for having missed a Court appearance. While missing Court can be a serious offense, there are many times when, if corrected in a timely fashion, having missed Court is not the emergency that people sometimes first believe.

We have streamlined the process to assist you with "reseting" your Court date so that you can stop fearing the dreadful knock on the door and get back to what you need to be doing.