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Honor - Courage - Commitment

About the NJROTC

The Navy Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps is a military-sponsored youth program that instills citizenship, patriotism, and leadership potential into middle school and high school students throughout America.
The Reseda High School NJROTC is in its 22nd year of operation. In those twenty-two years it has set the standard by winning a plethora of accolades as well as touching the lives of countless students.
Throughout the year, cadets participate in community service events, competitions against other JROTCs, and other yearly events.
They also are taught various valuable skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. We teach self-discipline, physical fitness, leadership, and other important skills that won't be found in the average class room; Among these principles, the three we hold closest to our hearts are honor, courage, and commitment.


Area Manager Inspection

Area Manager’s Inspection. The Area 11 Manager, Commander Rick Jordan, performed a biannual Area Manager Inspection of Reseda Charter High School NJROTC in order to verify cadets’ skills in basic military drill and knowledge. Commander Jordan also verified our unit’s compliance in financial, supply, and armory regulations. During the inspection phase, three Naval Science 1 (first year) cadets were given an opportunity to lead their platoon in a drill sequence and many cadets earned an outstanding score during the inspection. After inspection, a ceremony was held in the gym, where a hybrid exhibition team performed, and the unit performed a Troop-the-Line Ceremony. Afterwards, the unit's staff briefed Commander Jordan about the unit’s past, present, and future goals.

Club 21 Down syndrome Walk

On October 20, Reseda's cadets volunteered to help Club 21 in their annual Walk-For-Life fundraiser, benefitting education of Down Syndrome children. Walk-for-Life is Club 21's biggest fundraiser of the year and the Reseda NJROTC cadets have been a big part of the event for several years. Cadets helped organizers unload gear and materials, set-up, and tear down for the event. The regents manned carnival-style booths, provided assistance at the access points, interacted with children and adults, and helped wherever organizers needed them.

Cyber Day LA

On Saturday, October 20, Reseda's NJROTC's Cyber Patriot team competed in Cyber Day LA. Cyber Day LA is an annual competition, which will help the competitors prepare for rounds scheduled in the remainder of the year. With only half the team present, Reseda's cadets were still able to win first place out of all the NJROTC Cyber Patriot teams present. Way to go Regents!

Homecoming Parade

On Friday, October 12, Reseda held its annual homecoming game, preceded by a parade of floats and presentation of the homecoming court. Reseda NJROTC participated by marching in formation in the parade. Cadets of all ranks and grades marched in unison, chanting singsong cadence while they marched in lockstep in front of an energized crowd. Reseda's football team won decisively, but the true victory belonged to the NJROTC. Cadet Ensign Leslie Garay was named the homecoming queen!

Pioneer Day

On October 6 and 7, the Reseda NJROTC went to Homestead Acre at Chatsworth Park South to help out at Pioneer Day, an event sponsored by the city’s historical society. The event was themed during the time period of the pioneers that established colonial America. Cadets helped vendors set up and tear down booths in support of the event. During the event, cadets were also responsible for making sure that the traffic was directed efficiently throughout the park and that parking lot. Reseda NJROTC greatly contributed to the success of Pioneer Day.

Encino Fair

​ On October 6, Reseda NJROTC attended the Encino Fair to promote interest in Reseda Charter High School for prospective high school students in the local area. The Reseda NJROTC accompanied Principal Welsh, vice principals, and several teachers from the different magnets as they presented the many advantages of choosing Reseda. The unit set up a booth to recruit middle school students, promoting enthusiasm and excitement for the program.

Troy Field Meet

The annual Troy Athletic Field Meet was held on Saturday, 30 September in Fullerton, CA. 29 teams and approximately 1100 cadets competed in circuit training athletic courses, sprints, push-ups, sit-ups, and team building events. RCHS earned 1st in the Football Throw and placed 4th in the Endurance Challenge, a great reward for the hard work cadets dedicated to training for these events.

Chaffey Air Rifle Competition

On 22 September, Reseda’s Air Rifle Team cleaned house at the Chaffey High School Air Rifle Competition held in Ontario, CA . Cadets Cindy Hernandez, Cynthia Hernandez, and Samuel Rodriguez took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, respectively—the Hernandez sisters were separated by only 1 point! Chaffey’s open invitation competition featured 8 teams and 32 competitors, but the storyline belonged to Reseda Charter High School.

Cyber Girlz

On 22 September, 35 teams competed in a cyber and network protection exercise sponsored by Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, CA. RCHS’ NJROTC Cadets Sandy Sarmaputra and Emma Markowski finished an impressive 4th overall during this highly competitive event!

Color Guard Assembly

Reseda's NJROTC Color Guard performed on September 16 in support of the swearing-in ceremony for Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel of the 45th District (Northwest Los Angeles). Mayor Eric Garcetti, dignitaries, and hundreds of supporters were in attendance during this momentous occasion.

Operation Gratitude

On September 15, cadets participated in Operation Gratitude, a monthly volunteer opportunity for Reseda NJROTC cadets. Volunteers dedicated 5 hours assembling care packages for deployed military personnel. Through our efforts, we took part in benefitting 9,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines deployed worldwide.

Vanalden Clean-up

At Vanalden Elementary School, cadets cleaned up the campus and performed basic landscaping on September 15. The cadets planted flower beds, pulled weeds, and picked up trash around the school, making the campus a more beautiful backdrop for children to learn and grow.

Back-to-School Night

On September 14, more than 25 parents visited the NJROTC classroom during Back-to-School Night. Cadets introduced their families to the instructors and toured the school with their families. Cadets also stood up a recruiting booth, putting the program on display for students and parents showing interest.

Farewell Fist Sergeant

September 14 was Naval Science Instructor, 1stSgt Leach's, last day at Reseda. Cadet Executive Officer Sandy Sarmaputra presented a video and the unit organized a luncheon in his honor. Thank you for your eight years at RCHS! Fair Winds and Following Seas, 1stSGT!

9-11 Ceremony

Reseda NJROTC held a ceremony in honor of those who lost their lives during the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. The flag was flown at half-staff and cadets assembled in formation, as the events of 9/11 were announced in sequence. 30 bells were rung in memory of the almost 3,000 people who perished during that tragic day. The cadets then paused in a moment of silence to conclude the ceremony.

Grossmont Air Rifle Competition

Grossmont High School in El Cajon, CA hosted an air rifle competition for 10 teams and 40 competitors on September 8. Reseda finished first overall in team competition and Reseda’s own Cindy Hernandez was named the champion, shooting an impressive score of 529 of 600.

Parent Dinner

On September 7, during the annual parent dinner, instructors, students, and parents were provided an opportunity to get acquainted while enjoying a potluck meal. The dinner featured a fashion show, displaying the different uniforms cadets wear, and an exhibition of the unit’s armed drill team. LCDR Francisco and Assistant Principal Melanie Badgen addressed the guests and spoke in praise of First Sergeant Leach who is departing the unit. First Sergeant was thanked for his eight and a half years of dedicated service as a teacher at Reseda.

September Pep Rally

On September 6, members of the JROTC Unarmed Exhibition Team performed a routine in support of Reseda’s pregame pep rally. Their performance was a great contribution to the performances delivered by the dance team, cheerleaders, band, and color guard. Go Regents!

Posiedon Adventure

On August 26, five cadets went to the Long Beach Sea Base Aquatics Camp to participate in Poseidon Adventure, an annual water based competition event for NJROTC cadets. 15 teams and more than 80 cadets participated in nine different water events, which included a kayak race, a team swim competition, and maritime knowledge test. The day concluded with a grand finale event, a tug-of-war of boats. While our team of 5 cadets were in the water all day in the heat, there was positive feedback from all competitors and the event was an overall success.

Painting Fire Hydrants

On August 26, 19 cadets performed 4 hours of volunteer work, painting fire hydrants for the West Hills Neighborhood Council. The project supported preservation of firefighting equipment in a poor state of repair, thereby promoting safety for the City of West Hills.

​CO/XO School

On August 24, four leaders from our unit went to a CO/XO School training held at Troy High School in Northridge to attend a full day of instruction in leadership and accountability. Cadets from 10 total schools were taught leadership skills, interacted with each other, and shared ideas on how to overcome barriers and challenges of running a JROTC unit. The experience was invaluable for young people aspiring to be executives, managers, and commanding officers.

​Leadership Academy

On June 17th, four selected cadets went to Leadership Academy, a one week intense boot camp for the top 1% cadets in Area 11, along with 207 other cadets from California and Arizona. It was held at Camp Pendleton San Diego, where the cadets had a very busy week. They did personnel inspections and had classes on the topics of leadership, intervention, and public speaking. They also practiced drill, learned air rifle safety, ethics, and orienteering. The cadets were able to learn how to use a ceremonial sword, and woke up around 5 to do physical training. The cadets swam and jumped from a tower into the water, hiked, and learned and bonded with their platoons. They meticulously studied their knowledge for their academic final on leadership and the lectures they attended and prepared their uniforms to perfection for their graduation on June 23. Congratulations to the Reseda cadets who graduated from Leadership Academy 2018!

Sail Academy

​ On June 20th and June 25th, three selected cadets went to Sail Academy, a 4 day camp for cadets to learn the importance of basics and maneuvers in sailing and water survival skills. While at Sail Academy, after an orientation on sailing, cadets learned how to tie various knots, did physical training early in the morning, and went to the docks and learned how to make a life preserver out of trousers, They then learned how to to sail, went over a study guide for a final exam, and competed against others in a brain brawl. Cadets also competed in timed kayak races and watch a few educational training videos about sailing. On the final day, the cadets practiced then competed in a final competition of three races. Then, the cadets got dressed for graduation, where everyone was presented a certificate of completing Sail Academy, along with awards given to cadets who won the races and brain brawls. One Reseda cadet even received cadet achievement for winning the sailboat races. Congratulations to the Reseda cadets who graduated Sail Academy 2018!

Garden Center

On June 9th and 10th, cadet volunteered at the Drought Tolerant Plant Festival. The five cadets had parking duty from 9 am to 3 pm and handed out pamphlets to people as they entered. They also gave directions to vendors, volunteers, and buyers and helped them out.

Ride the Colt

Ride the Colt is a fundraiser where volunteers ride bikes or walk to raise money. At Ride the Colt, the cadets set up canopies for the event. They handed out wristbands to the riders showing them how long their bike route was. They also gave wristbands to people walking the distances. The cadets passed out lunch to everyone. At the end of the day, the cadets took down everything they set up and helped Ride the Colt pack everything away.​

Color Guard

During the last week of school, Reseda’s color guard performed at multiple graduations, including the one for our own graduating regents. The color guard, led by cadet Ensign Quintero, did the ceremony for Holmes and Zane Grey Middle School. At 18:30, the color guard did the flag ceremony at Reseda’s graduation, where former cadets officially left the school.

ARC Hiking trip

On May 24, nine cadets, along with two other students and adult supervisors, went on a hiking trip. ARC drove the students down to Vasquez Rock to go hiking along the trials and explore the area. The cadets got a work out in, running from ledge to ledge and climbing up the tall rocks to get the best view of the scenery. The students covered a large stretch of the park, trying to climb to the top of every ledge that had a path leading to it. Around 6:30, it was time to leave, and ARC drove all the high schoolers back to Reseda. Before leaving, ARC gave the students who attended pizza and soda.

Center Stage Opera

On the 19th and 20th of May, 10 cadets each day volunteered to help out at the Center Stage Opera. Located at Reseda High School’s theater, the cadets ran parking for the event and acted as the security. As well, the cadets directed the attendees to the opera so they could enjoy the local event.

Operation Gratitude: May

Cadets showed up on May 19th at 08:30 in the morning to pack care packages for those in the military. Cadets could pack up smaller packages for military personnel, as well as stack boxes, or write letters to deployed personnel. The cadets worked from 09:00 to 12:00 in the afternoon. After the performance of the national anthem and hundreds of care packages later, the cadets left Operation Gratitude, ready to return next month.

One Generation

​ Cadets woke up early in the morning on the 19th of May to help assist in setting up One Generation’s event. Cadets carried and wheeled around heavy objects for the elderly and those running booths. The six cadets that volunteered set up community council, gyms, aerobic classes, and medical booths. The booths informed, gave out free items, and gave out free trials to those who went to their booths. The six volunteers regulated the lunch line and passed two truck loads of subway sandwiches. Following the end of the event, the cadets assisted in taking apart and packing all of the booths and equipment.

Achieving Distinguished Unit

​ On the 4th of May, Reseda NJROTC was honored as a Distinguished Unit at the End of the Year Banquet. Out of all the NJROTC units in Area 11, only the top 17 schools are honored with the title “Distinguished Unit”. All the cadets were awarded the Distinguished Unit ribbon on the 18th after Reseda High School’s principal, Ms. Welsh, bestowed the honor upon the unit. The cadets stood in formation as Ms. Welsh hung the “Distinguished Unit 2018” banner on the unit guidon. This event commemorates all the hard work and community service hours the cadets put in throughout the 2017-2018 school year and is a testimony of their dedication and achievement.

End of the Year Banquet

​ End of Year Banquet. On May 4, Reseda NJROTC held their End of the year Banquet. It is was the last unit-wide event of the year where cadets as well as their parents are invited to enjoy some food and watch the much anticipated awards ceremony. The event began with a presentation of Colors, led by Cadet Ensign/Alejandro Quintero. Congratulations to the people who won a prize in our raffle and congratulations to the cadets received awards such as certificates for completing a year of NJROTC, uniform ribbons, and medals as recognition for their hard work. Awards were presented by our instructors and representatives form the Daughters of the American Revolution. We also said farewell to our departing seniors: Cadets Cedano, Cruz, Gutierrez, Loucks, Mejia, Moran, Nguyen, Pineda and Saxena. Seniors were presented a shadow box with items they earned while in NJROTC. We wish them luck in all of their endeavors and hope what they have learned in the NJROTC will benefit them after high school. Stay motivated, Cadets, and see you next year!

Basic Leadership Training

During spring break, eighteen Reseda NJROTC cadets attended Basic Leadership Training (BLT) at the United States Naval Base Ventura County near Oxnard, CA. Seven other NJROTC schools joined in on this experience. Cadets were mixed into four platoons that competed against each other in various activities such as physical fitness, drill, academics, & much more. Waking up at 4:30 am, cadets made head calls, brushed their teeth, and proceeded to morning chow (aka, breakfast) in platoon formation. The days' events included, drilling, visits to the Coast Guard station, Military Working Dog facility, Improvised Explosive Device detection training, land navigation training, three square meals at the mess halls, and much more. The cadets helped set up large tents provided by the Navy Construction Battalion (NCB) or "Sea Bees". After 3 days of training, graduation day included individual and platoon awards for participating in this journey, including physical fitness, academics, drill evaluation, motivational and honor cadets, and the announcement of Honor Platoon. Congratulations to Bravo Platoon for earning coveted red Honor Platoon Guidon! We hope to see many more cadets participate next year!

LA County Air Show

On March 25, 10 cadets from Reseda High School were chosen to go on a air force base, to see the LA county Air Show. The cadets meet up at the flag pole of Reseda at 6:45am, then came back around 4:30pm. When they got their it was freezing cold, its a good thing they brought jackets. There were all different kinds of jets and planes. The cadets went through a simulator of different kinds of jobs the Air force does and do. The simulator was pretty bumpy. Almost to noon the cadets had brunch. There was hot dogs, burgers, ice cream, funnel cake, and more. At the end of the day the base gave everyone an air show, they even brought out the Osprey, half plane, half helicopter. As so-forth the cadets had a blast. Thank you air force recruit, and have a nice day.

Military Ball

On February 24th Reseda High School NJROTC attended the 34th annual Military ball in downtown Los Angeles in the Westin Bonaventure Hotel. A ball where all JROTC's from around the area such as Navy,Army,Marine,and Air Force JROTC come to celebrate. The cadets road a bus to the ball. Arriving around 6:00pm,being seated in tables, having introductions,performances of Color Guard from the best JROTC's in the area, performances of Unarmed Exhibition and Armed Exhibition from the best JROTC. Then after, announcing the Royal court of each unit. The kings and Queens. NS1 Royal court Jolani & Cedano, NS2 Quintero & Cynthia, NS3s Delossantos & Sarmaputra, NS4 Saxena & Pineda. Then Thanking all the retired military personnel and instructors. The cadets ate dinner and dessert. Everyone headed to the dance floor till midnight. When the clock struck 12,everyone went back to the lobby and boarded the bus to head back home. Hope you had fun ​cadets! Over all the cadets had a blast!

West Hills Clean-up

On January 20, Reseda High school NJROTC volunteered for the West Hills clean-up. Sixteen cadets helped with the clean-up. Cadets helped clear brush and debris from sidewalks areas that had become hazardous for pedestrians. They used safety vests, gloves, dust mask, brooms, rakes, shovels and dozens of trash bags to clear and dispose of the waste. The cadets were happy to volunteer the for the clean-up and were treated to bagels, donuts and water during the clean-up and enjoyed pizza and sodas afterwards. Well done cadets!

Granada Hills Holiday Parade

On December 4th, Reseda High School NJROTC participated in the Granada Hills Holiday Parade, spreading the joy of the holidays to spectators. Reseda's Company was led by c/CDR Hampton and Company Guide, c/ENS Nguyen. The Reseda NJROTC Banner was carried proudly in front of the formation. Wearing "Santa Hats," cadets waved and smiled to the cheerful audience. Happy Holidays everyone!

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