Austin City Council Resolution 66:

APD Training Videos Community Review Report

Photographed by Amanda Kay Phillips

Our community review group completed an extensive review of Austin Police Department's cadet training videos under the authority of RESOLUTION NO. 20191205-066, which states:

"Separately from the independent third-party investigation that is to be completed no later than December 6, 2021, the City Manager shall initiate an audit of the Austin Police Department's training materials, course/section descriptions and duration, and description of any other procedures (e.g. detailed descriptions of scenarios) administered to cadet classes and to active officers related to training on communication strategies, cultural competency, acknowledging and addressing bias, use of force, de-escalation, search, proactive policing, mental health response, protocols for non-English speaking persons, protocols for disabled persons, recognizing resistance and the rules and procedures that define resistance and their evaluation protocols, as well as the course/section content and duration of all other coursework required at the cadet academy and their evaluation protocols. The City Manager may work with and incorporate results from any review of APD hiring and training protocols that has been conducted or is being conducted by the APD's training specialist, the Equity Office, the Office of Police Oversight, and the Innovation Office."

We encourage you to read our executive summary and full community review report. These documents are currently being translated in other languages and will be made available soon.