RERO Annual Championship ~RAC2023~

Registration Opens 1st August 2023. RSVP latest by 15th August 2023.
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RERO Annual Championship (RAC) was launched in 2016 as a beginner-friendly platform to introduce robotics and coding to primary and secondary school students. This annual competition is organized by rero EDUteam, the education arm of Cytron Technologies, with support from the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

Introductory workshops and complete learning modules are provided to equip teachers to guide their students who are just beginning to explore robotics and coding. With this, it is hoped that more students will have the opportunity to be involved in the field of robotics/coding . It is our vision is to bring robotics and coding to the masses - whereby every child who is keen to learn is given the opportunity.

Aims and Objectives:

The overall aim of this program is to enhance interest in STEM education by introducing robotics and coding to students. Our objectives are as follows:

RAC2023 Program Outline and Schedule:
*Tentative dates. Subject to change; pending approval from MOE.

Competition Briefing  and Q&A Session  (Online)
*8th May 2023 (Monday), 3pm-4pm via  YouTube Live

Introductory Workshops  (Online)
*13th May 2023 (Saturday) via YouTube Live
(i) PikaBot Workshop @ 9am
(ii) rero:micro Workshop @ 11am

RAC2023  State Level  - Online
*24th June 2023 (Saturday) @ 10am

RAC2023  National Level - Physical Event
*26th - 27th  September 2023 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Who can join? Can my school join if we have no experience in robotics and coding?

RAC2023 is open to ALL primary and secondary school students . No limit on the number of participants per school.

RERO platform is beginner friendly and we provide training and resources to help teachers/students get started on this exciting journey. Our vision is to bring robotics and coding to the masses by making quality robotics and coding education and kits available, affordable and attainable for all children regardless of their background.

2) How to register for this program?

Click on the corresponding button and fill out the online registration form.  Reminder and link to join will be sent to registered participants via email one week prior to the event. 

3) How much is the registration fee?

FREE registration for all students.

4) What are the categories for RAC2023? What kits and programming software do we need in order to participate? How much does it cost to purchase the kits?

i) Robotics & Coding Challenge with rero:micro Robot (Primary and Secondary)

rero:micro Robot

*RM450  - Complete kit with track and booklet. 

*Microsoft MakeCode Editor (Open source: web-based + offline app)

ii) Robotics & Coding Challenge with rero Jr Robot (Primary and Secondary)

rero Jr (Basic Set)

*Complete kit with track and booklet. This category is for schools that already have the kit. This product has been discontinued. 

*rero Planner (Free download)

iii) Robotics & Coding Challenge with PikaBot (Open)

PikaBot (Maker UNO Smart Car Kit)

*RM128 - Complete kit with track and booklet.

*Arduino IDE (Open source: web-based + offline app)

5) What is the format for RAC2023? 

RAC2023 State Level will still be conducted online.
RAC2023 National Level will be a physical event (live coding challenge).

*We're still working on the details. Please follow Telegram for more info/updates.

 6) How can we purchase the kits?

You can order from our Regional Partner for your respective state.  Contact details as below.

Tony Ng


Kenneth Kang (Central)




Cynnie Chin
(East Coast)


Vincent Goh
(East M'sia)


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For further inquiry, you can contact our Regional Training Partner for your respective state as above or contact Ms Cheryl (HQ) at 016-3290069 or email to

~ Bringing Robotics and Coding to the Masses ~