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Managing Negative Reviews is Critical to Business Success

Online reviews can make a profound impact on a business. The way a company handles those reviews will play a huge role in whether that impact is positive or negative. Ideally, a company's positive reviews will far outweigh the negative ones and customers will flock to the business because they know the company give them a great experience. Unfortunately, this isn't a real-world scenario for most businesses today. In fact, customers are more likely to leave reviews if they are unhappy. There are some things a business owner can do to lessen the impact of negative reviews and encourage happy customers to let the world know about their experiences.

Track and Respond

There are plenty of places around the internet where people can leave reviews. In order for a business to respond to them, they have to know they are out there. It's possible for a small business to do this on its own but it takes a lot of work. Successful companies use online review management software to help. This type of software alert the business when a new review has been posted so they can read it and craft an appropriate response. It's important to find these reviews quickly and respond to them within a day or two. That shows the dissatisfied customer, as well as anyone else who read the review, that the company cares about its customers.

Send a Friendly Email

Unhappy customers are quick to write scathing reviews but satisfied customers tend to go on with their lives after they receive the product or service they ordered. Many times, a friendly reminder with a link to the review page will prompt a customer to briefly tell about their experience. It's critical for businesses to have more positive reviews than negative ones.

Although potential customers might read negative reviews prior to making a purchase, they may decide to do business with a company that responded quickly to customer complaints. An online reputation management service can help small businesses manage the reviews written about them so they can continue to provide excellent products and services that impress most of their buyers.