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I have said quite once before that, the replica Rolex watch has increased its price, and even some popular watch items are going to be "one table is difficult to ask". the rationale behind isn't just one, but it's an incontrovertible fact that the output is falling thanks to the impact of the epidemic.

According to market forecasts, replica Rolex watch production will drop by about 1/4 year-on-year in 2020. The annual output of Rolex watches in 2019 is about 950000, if you multiply this number by 3 / 42020, the output of Rolex watches is about 700000.

Many people should know that when the new crown virus began to erupt in Europe at the start of last year, including the clock factories like Rolex and Patek Feili, they announced the shutdown in March approximately. Although replica Rolex continued to resume production after about 8 weeks after the plant was pack up, it had been necessary to scale back the amount of enterprises once they resumed work and reproduction so as to cooperate with the Swiss government's epidemic prevention policy The annual production is reduced by about 1/4 directly thanks to the prevention and control measures of working hours and shift operations. So some sales outlets reported that last year's supply wasn't so timely and adequate. Moreover, it's said that this tight supply situation, which has been suffering from this, is common within the global market.

Obviously, with the demand heat not decreasing or maybe keeping high, such a lot reduction in output will definitely have an immediate impact on the worth.

We know that a lot of fake Rolex's popular accounts are literally production tables, but due to the more demand, they're always high in price, and sometimes there'll be "one table difficult to ask".

We don't know what the impact this year's replica Rolex production will have because the epidemic in Europe remains in check. But one thing is certain: the epidemic situation in China isn't only effectively controlled, but the economy remains recovering gradually. For a time, the private consumption that has been suppressed by the epidemic will still revive, and therefore the demand for fake Rolex watches will surely be more vigorous. With the assistance of this example, knockoff Rolex's market will only be more tight.

However, we should always also clearly see that suffering from the epidemic, the availability and demand and price of the many products are affected once and even fluctuate considerably. for instance, the mask at the start of last year, a daily mask with a couple of cents usually has been fired to tens of yuan at the very best level. Later, with the gradual recovery and increase of production capacity, the mask gradually returns to an inexpensive price. Therefore, a number of them are high-level buyers and even hoarders are obviously losing tons.

In view of this example, we still advise some consumers to shop for watches and consumption rationally. After all, when the worldwide epidemic is effectively controlled and replica Rolex capacity is often effectively released, how the worth will change are going to be seen.

Own your own lab

Rolex headquarters in Switzerland has a number of laboratories, equipped with a strong research team. There are even chemists and geologists on the team. The team is "obsessed" with researching and improving various technologies related to watch making: chemical laboratories, lubricants that specialize in how to make the production line run more smoothly, geologists who study the purity of diamonds, and specialists who are responsible for the deployment of Rolex's unique gold.

They get 24K gold from the supplier, but they don't use it directly on the watch. Instead, they let their R & D team take this 24K gold, mix it with gold color, not easy to fade, not easy to oxidize and corrode, beautiful and durable, and make Rolex's unique gold for the watch.

All cores are hand assembled and tested

Except for the steps that are not suitable for manual assembly, Rolex is assembled manually from the movement to the watch chain. Historically, watchmakers have been able to issue their own certification for precision timepieces, and there is a clear risk of fraud in this process. In order to ensure the quality of the precision chronometer, Rolex chose to submit the watch to the official certification regardless of the cost and the additional time required. Hengdong movement is famous for its timing performance. It is not only a work of art, but also an extraordinary micro creation. At the same time, it combines various shapes, shapes, volumes, colors and surfaces. Some of the surface finishes are polished, while others are round, so it is made meticulously.

Rolex has no parts supplier

A Rolex diver (automatic stringed mechanical watch, core model 3135) consists of more than 200 parts. The 200 parts, which are forged, polished, processed and assembled by Rolex in Swiss factories, hold rough steel. That is to say, the factory only enters raw materials from outside, such as steel, gold, diamonds, etc.

All raw materials are forged and processed in the closed factory of Rolex. Because of this, their technology is very confidential and independent, and they do not rely on any suppliers, and the outside world can not know the processing methods, processing dies and channels of these parts.

Case prototype

So there is a saying in the clock world: "Rolex watches are just as good as money." to understand that the independence and confidentiality of this technology is no different from printing banknotes.

Only Rolex is using 904L steel for watchmakers around the world

This model of steel has the following advantages: first, this type of steel, than other steel more corrosion-resistant and rust proof, and more robust. Second, obviously 904L steel, polished out the chain and dial the effect is more beautiful, whether it is sanding or smooth surface.

But 904L is more expensive and expensive than other steel. Because 904L steel has a disadvantage, that is, with the increase of steel hardness, forging difficulty is also increased. Rolex had to change all the raw lines related to forged steel to use the steel. No watchmaker has changed the whole production line at any cost for the sake of the nuance in steel grinding. This cost is very high. It can be said that Rolex's steel watch is a drop of roar, and he doesn't know where to go higher than Omega!

With precise meter making instrument

Rolex has more sophisticated, advanced tabulating machines than other watchmakers, and adheres to the idea of making watches: to maximize the machine and labor.

Follow strict production process

Usually, it takes about a year to make forged metal, process parts, install the core, assemble the chain, test, secondary test, re test, and complete all procedures, the top-level Observatory precision timemeter, be certified by the Swiss precision time meter testing center (COSC) and be certified by Rolex after assembly, and the packaging will be delivered in about a year (although the annual output reaches 1million or more) . Each Rolex is produced through a rigorous process, without shortcuts.

So when you get a brand new Rolex watch from an authorized dealer, don't doubt its quality, because it's been abused in Rolex's factory for hundreds of times.

So how to choose Rolex?

If Rolex watches are to be classified from a broader perspective, they are actually three types, one is the day just and the day calendar The formal form of date is a sports watch such as submariner, Daytona, GMT, etc., and the non-Japanese matching table represented by CELINI (cherini has been discontinued, due to its artistry, and the individual is more willing to classify it as a collection series).

First of all, novices should understand their needs. Rolex sales in China are popular in a "fast and accurate" way to recommend wristwatches to you. As soon as you enter the store, you will ask what you want to see, or whether you want to send people or wear them yourself. If you send people, budget, age, gender, daily use or attendance, etc. After a series of exclusions, you will start recommending watches that are suitable for your range.

As a white, you can ignore terms like oyster type Immolation, Migauss, divers, explorers, Greenwich, etc. What you need is what features of this watch you need, such as simple three needles, two places, or date, steel watch, room gold or full gold, etc. These demands can help you choose a suitable Rolex.

The following small edition briefly introduces several Rolex more classic and more preemptive wristwatches, for the reference of the guest. (ranking is not divided into successive)

No.1 Rolex Cosmometer Type Ditonna series 116520 black dial Wrist watch

Ditongna has been the most complex wrist watch of Rolex before the public, and it is also a hard product of Rolex. Although it is called complex, it only has a timing function. The number on the outer ring is used for simple speed measurement. The wrist watch adopts 4130 automatic chain timing machine core developed by Rolex, which can be accurate to 1 / 8 seconds. Blackface steel has been a preemptive since its appearance, which is due to Rolex's precision and durability. Although it has a little more complicated timing function, precision and durability are still the best in the same type of watches.

The new style of the tetona ref.116500ln, which was introduced at the Basel world watch show this year, is also a hard list and the price has already been fired. The physical difference between the two is just a ceramic circle, and the others are exactly the same. But it is still a dream of many fans to have a panda di. (refer to the new dtna ref.11650lnhands-hodinkee version for the detailed evaluation of the new dtna)

No.2 Rolex divers 11610lv Green Water Ghost

The water ghost is the nickname for "the diver". At present, there are mainly two kinds of green water ghost and black water ghost. The green water ghost is undoubtedly the most popular one. As long as it arrives at the store, it will not be left for a few days. Green Water Ghost was first introduced in 2010, and its feature is that the wrist watch surface is coated with "green gold" by PVD technology, and the ratio of green gold is secret. Once introduced, green water ghost has been popular rapidly, the main reasons can be summarized as follows: first, the design is classic; secondly, the performance is outstanding; then, the output is low; finally, there is fried phase. At present, the domestic stores and dealers are very difficult to see, and occasionally several will come. At present, the official quotation is still 70000 yuan, but it is a pity that it is hard to buy goods with money.

Blackwater ghost is to fill the green water ghost in the market for the huge vacancy and launched the table money, but it is not a "black gold" but black ceramics. Since the water ghost is very classic, and through the "toss" of the green water ghost, the nigger has become a good choice, and the official quotation is 65900 at present.

No.3 Rolex log series 116233 Champagne Diamond Watch

Rolex log type gold watch has been hot selling money from the past to now. The former people bought it because it has a good meaning. Because of gold, silver, drilling, it is meant to be "progressive, win and earn", which was the favorite of business people at that time. Nowadays, although people have reduced their obsession with these, the high price of log type gold compared with Rolex calendar watch obviously has enough advantages and meets the desire of people who like gold watches. The core adopts 3315 automatic chain up core, which is to add more date display function on Rolex's basic core 3130.

Dog ring, frustration ear, five bead belt, oyster type watch case, automatic, date jump, Observatory All this is enough to make DJ the eternal classic of Lao Fan.