Accepted Papers

Deep Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis

Adrian Benton, Huda Khayrallah, Biman Gujral, Dee Ann Reisinger, Sheng Zhang, Raman Arora

CBOW Is Not All You Need: Combining CBOW with the Compositional Matrix Space Model

Florian Mai, Lukas Galke, Ansgar Scherp

To Tune or Not to Tune? Adapting Pretrained Representations to Diverse Tasks

Matthew Peters, Sebastian Ruder, Noah A. Smith

Generative Adversarial Networks for text using word2vec intermediaries

Akshay Budhkar, Krishnapriya Vishnubhotla, Safwan Hossain, Frank Rudzicz

An Evaluation of Language-Agnostic Inner-Attention-Based Representations in Machine Translation

Alessandro Raganato, Raúl Vázquez, Mathias Creutz, Jörg Tiedemann

Multilingual NMT with a language-independent attention bridge

Raúl Vázquez, Alessandro Raganato, Jörg Tiedemann, Mathias Creutz

Efficient Language Modeling with Automatic Relevance Determination in Recurrent Neural Networks

Maxim Kodryan, Artem Grachev, Dmitry Ignatov, Dmitry Vetrov

MoRTy: Unsupervised Learning of Task-specialized Word Embeddings by Autoencoding

Nils Rethmeier and Barbara Plank

Pitfalls in the Evaluation of Sentence Embeddings

Steffen Eger, Andreas Rücklé, Iryna Gurevych

Learning Bilingual Sentence Embeddings via Autoencoding and Computing Similarities with a Multilayer Perceptron

Yunsu Kim, Hendrik Rosendahl, Nick Rossenbach, Jan Rosendahl, Shahram Khadivi, Hermann Ney

Specializing Distributional Vectors of All Words for Lexical Entailment

Aishwarya Kamath, Jonas Pfeiffer, Edoardo Maria Ponti, Goran Glavaš, Ivan Vulić

Composing noun phrase vector representations

Aikaterini-Lida Kalouli, Valeria dePaiva, Richard Crouch

Towards Robust Named Entity Recognition for Historic German

Stefan Schweter and Johannes Baiter

On Evaluating Embedding Models for Knowledge Base Completion

Yanjie Wang, Daniel Ruffinelli, Rainer Gemulla, Samuel Broscheit, Christian Meilicke

Constructive Type-Logical Supertagging With Self-Attention Networks

Konstantinos Kogkalidis, Michael Moortgat, Tejaswini Deoskar

Auto-Encoding Variational Neural Machine Translation

Bryan Eikema and Wilker Aziz

Responsible team players wanted: An analysis of soft skill requirements in job advertisements

Federica Calanca, Luiza Sayfullina, Lara Minkus, Claudia Wagner, Eric Malmi

Learning Bilingual Word Embeddings Using Lexical Definitions

Weijia Shi, Muhao Chen, Yingtao Tian, Kai-Wei Chang

An Empirical study on Pre-trained Embeddings and Language Models for Bot Detection

Andres Garcia-Silva, Cristian Berrio, José Manuel Gómez-Pérez

Probing Multilingual Sentence Representations With X-Probe

Vinit Ravishankar, Lilja Øvrelid, Erik Velldal

Fine-Grained Entity Typing in Hyperbolic Space

Federico López, Benjamin Heinzerling, Michael Strube

Semantic Cross-lingual Sentence Embeddings

Wataru Hirota, Yoshihiko Suhara, Behzad Golshan, Wang-Chiew Tan

Learning Multilingual Meta-Embeddings for Code-Switching Named Entity Recognition

Genta Indra Winata, Zhaojiang Lin, Pascale Fung

Investigating sub-word embedding strategies for the morphologically rich and free phrase-order Hungarian

Bálint Döbrössy, Márton Makrai, Balázs Tarján, György Szaszák

A Self-training Approach for Short Text Clustering

Amir Hadifar, Lucas Sterckx, Thomas Demeester, Chris Develder

Extended Abstract: An Auto-NLP Representation Learning Framework

Akshay Budhkar

Improving Word Embeddings Using Kernel PCA

Vishwani Gupta, Sven Giesselbach, Stefan Rüping, Christian Bauckhage

Assessing incrementality in sequence-to-sequence models

Dennis Ulmer, Dieuwke Hupkes, Elia Bruni

On Committee Representations of Adversarial Learning Models for Question-Answer Ranking

Sparsh Gupta and Vitor Carvalho

Meta-Learning Improves Lifelong Relation Extraction

Abiola Obamuyide and Andreas Vlachos

Best practices for learning domain-specific cross-lingual embeddings

Lena Shakurova, Beata Nyari, Chao Li, Mihai Rotaru

SuperTML: Two-Dimensional Word Embedding for the Precognition on Structured Tabular Data

Baohua Sun, Lin Yang, Wenhan Zhang, Michael Lin, Patrick Dong, Charles Young, Jason Dong

Effective Dimensionality Reduction for Word Embeddings

Vikas Raunak, Vivek Gupta, Florian Metze

Squared English Word: A Method of Generating Glyph to Use Super Characters for Sentiment Analysis

Baohua Sun, Lin Yang, Catherine Chi, Wenhan Zhang, Michael Lin

Learning Word Embeddings without Context Vectors

Alexey Zobnin and Evgenia Elistratova

A Study of State Aliasing in Structured Prediction with RNNs

Layla El Asri and Adam Trischler

Learning Cross-Lingual Sentence Representations via a Multi-task Dual-Encoder Model

Muthu Chidambaram, Yinfei Yang, Daniel Cer, Steve Yuan, Yunhsuan Sung, Brian Strope, Ray Kurzweil

Modality-based Factorization for Multimodal Fusion

Elham J. Barezi and Pascale Fung

Leveraging Pre-Trained Embeddings for Welsh Taggers

Ignatius Ezeani, Scott Piao, Steven Neale, Paul Rayson, Dawn Knight