Reopening Van Hise Hall

Van Hise Hall Building Hours | September 2 - November 25

  • 6:30 am - 10:30 pm Monday - Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Facility Managers


View FAQs below for information regarding reopening Van Hise Hall. The topics covered include PPE, Facility Modifications, Cleaning Protocols, and In-Person Classes.

If you have questions that are not answered in the list below, reach out to the Facility Manager, Erika Schock.


Who is responsible for ordering PPE for departmental use?

Departments in Van Hise are responsible for ordering their own PPE. The order form can be found here:

Will PPE be available in the classrooms?

Yes. Custodians are restocking PPE in the classrooms.

Is there going to be a central building location for PPE?

There will not be a central building location for PPE. Departments are responsible for ordering their own PPE.

Will there be posted classroom limits that show the total number of students that can occupy each room?

Classes were scheduled with room occupancy limits in mind, so overcrowding shouldn’t be an issue


Will restricted access signage be posted on floors 6-14? Should departments create their own signs?

Departments should create and post their own signs. A common format is recommended. Here is a link to signs which are available to order:

Will signs be posted on the elevators stating the occupancy limit and that they are restricted to authorized personnel only?

No, building occupants should post signs. Signs should direct people to the stairs and can’t prevent use by individuals who may have a physical need.

Should departments create their own occupancy limit signs for bathrooms that also include rules?

Yes, these may vary by bathroom size, configuration, and location.

Facility Modifications

Are there measures being taken to increase outside airflow? Will there be any portable HEPA fan/filtration units for departments to use?

Measures are being taken to increase airflow in all buildings where the HVAC equipment allows it. Air exchanges will occur 6-8 times per hour in every room. Filtration units will not be available. Please remember masks, cleaning, and social distancing are the primary ways to control the spread of COVID. For more information visit FPM’s HVAC Guidance document here.

Is there going to be a system in place to limit people in a bathroom at one time?

There will be a limit of one person per bathroom on floors 3-14. The occupancy limit on floors 1 & 2 is one person.

What rules are there for using the elevator?

    • Elevators should be avoided, if possible. Only one person may occupy an elevator at a time.

    • Only authorized personnel can use the elevators (all faculty, staff, and ADA students).

    • Keycard access will start at the first floor.

Will there be signs, tape marks, or other visual cues such as decals or colored tape on the floor, placed 6 feet apart, to show where to stand when physical barriers are not an option?

No. There will not be tape marks or other visual cues on the floor. Signs will be posted reminding students and staff to maintain 6 feet distance.

Will the common area on the second floor and the study space in room 464 be open?

The common space on the second floor will be open. FPM will be removing some chairs and furniture to promote social distancing. Room 464 will be closed.

Will there be posted routes in and out of the building to assist in proper movement to allow for social distancing?

No. There won’t be posted routes directing students and staff where to enter and exit the building.

Is there going to be posted walking routes to limit both way traffic on the stairs?

Keep Right signs will be posted in the stairwells. Floors 6-14 are restricted to authorized personnel.

Will fire doors in the stairwell remain open?

Building doors such as fire doors should not be propped because of building code. Some building doors such as classroom doors can remain propped open to reduce the incidence of touching door handles.

Cleaning Protocols

Will the building get cleaned every night including surfaces in public spaces? (bathrooms, copy rooms, classrooms, areas in front of the elevators, elevators, etc). Will any ultraviolet light be used?

Public spaces (bathrooms, copy rooms, classrooms, stairwells, areas in front of the elevators, elevators, etc) will be cleaned by custodial staff every night. Ultraviolet light will not be used.

How can I request trash bin bags for my department?

Contact the Facility Manager, Erika Schock. She can submit your request to the custodial supervisor.

Where will the main garbage bin be placed on my floor?

Reach out to your Department Administrator. They will know where the bins are located.

In-Person Classes

Will there be a place in Van Hise for McBurney students to take tests if needed?

Departments should ask their curricular representative to use 25Live to request a space for testing.

How many classrooms will be occupied at one time?

There is anywhere from 10-20 classes being held from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm per day, Monday - Friday. Contact your departmental curricular representative to see the fall semester classroom schedule in Van Hise.

Will rooms be available for students to use between classes?

Yes. The following rooms have been reserved for students to work:

  • 201

  • 205

  • 206

  • 207

  • 209

  • 219

  • 223

  • 227

  • 240