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After testing seven different rental booking systems for your rental business as well as others that were excluded because of not fulfilling necessary requirements or having geographical restrictions (North America only) our top recommendation would be to go with Sales Igniter as the rental booking software of choice.

Please check below for my full review of Sales Igniter and why I think it's the right choice for your rental business. While writing these software reviews for your company I was double checking to make sure that I had all of the potential options and was going to recommend sticking with Booqable and then I saw Sales Igniter Magento & WooCommerce Bookings further down on one of the potential rental software lists. I'm really glad I reviewed it as one of the final options because it literally blew me away as far as how good it is, the quality, clean, modern UI, and my demo was with one of the developers so I was able to get a full review of the tech stack and what it can do. I'll put my further comments below.

Our second choice would be Booqable. It is still a great general use rental system with a clean UI, fast loading, and a good general feature list, but Sales Igniter exceeds it in many ways.

Rental Software Review Summaries

Please note that on the comparison charts a few non-required features such as Crew Management, Transport Management and maintenance module were included as informational items only and were not taken into consideration as being weighed for the final recommendations.

For easier viewing here is the link to the comparison the chart below is a bit difficult to view because of the page formatting.

Sales Igniter

At first I didn't review much of Sales Igniter as it didn't have many Capterra reviews and seemed like maybe a small company with few users. However I'm glad I checked it out more thoroughly.

I had a great 1.5 hour demo of their software, the more I saw of it the more I liked it. Their UI is the cleanest and most fully featured of any rental system I have ever seen. Their order entry experience is amazing in my opinion as far as how it combines all of the features you may need onto one page without being confusing (very easy to see your inventory, overbooking (even for quotes), all documents, signatures, etc). Their CRM is the best of the rental systems I reviewed. To sum it up it's just a beautiful rental system which actually has many features I wanted to add myself while doing rental software programming. My demo was given by a developer so he was able to explain to me some of the technical questions I had and after hearing his answers they are legit and exactly how a rental system should be developed. They actually have very large enterprise clients with 100+ locations and their own development teams, but still their pricing is very reasonable.

A few of the reasons I am so excited about this solution for your rental business:

  • Everything is just a pleasure to use. They have a former Paypal and Google UI designer working for them which helps explain that part. If I were to use a rental system everyday that looks nice this would be the one

  • Very powerful website integration features

  • Order editing is very powerful which is where other systems are lacking. You can even add products to orders that have already taken a deposit.

  • CRM is the best that I saw. It has notes, tasks, call tracking, email integration via SMTP. It is about as good as it gets.

  • All onboarding training is included no extra costs and at least the developer I talked with on the zoom meeting was very easy to understand and provided good quality information

  • They even have an add-on logistics premium module that adds on all of the more complicated logistics planning like Rentman / Current RMS have but in a more user friendly way, maybe it's not necessary but it's available

  • Their quotes to order method is unique with how easily it presents the information to your clients, in the demo they will show you I couldn't get a screenshot yet

  • I'm not 100% sure but the quote I saw looked like the example you sent me from Flock so that might be what they are using

For further details of this review please check the Evernote rental software review link.

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