Wet Market Tour

Rent a private tour guide and instructor for an insight of Hong Kong food culture

The Wet Market tour offers you an unparalleled insight into the food and cultural diversity of Hong Kong. Travelers can learn more about Hong Kong's culture and heritage through local Cantonese food and its Western influenced delicacies.

Tour guide and Chef Nevin Lim will bring you deep into the wet market to search for seasonal ingredients and instruct you how to prepare a cuisine in a authentic Cantonese cooking method. After the program, you can proudly tell your friends you can cook a lemon chicken just like how the Chinese restaurant did, where you can never find the secret recipes on Google.

About Chef Nevin Lim

With a family background of food manufacturer in Fukien province of China, Chef Nevin Lim is an experienced Chinese gourmet instructor and also an award winning tour guide who have worked with Hong Kong Tourism Board to design special culinary and historical program to VIPs and international media who traveled to Hong Kong.

Wet Market Tour Details :

  • private tour to Shui Wo Street wet market in Kwun Tong, Kowloon
  • Participants work together to cook three Cantonese delicacy (one main dish and two side dishes - refer to below choices) with Chef Nevin's tips and instructions. They will enjoy the meals afterward.
  • Cash credits for shopping ingredients of the cooking class in wet market
  • A private photographer to document your day
  • A soft copy of the video will be sent back to you
  • The wet market tour and cooking class is around 3-4 hours
  • Language : English / Cantonese

Price is at HK$980 per person


  • Minimum 4 people
  • Transportation is NOT included


Guest may choose one main dishes and two side dishes, include,


Stir fry beef with green (碧綠炒牛肉)

Crispy beef with green ( 紫微香酥肉)

Chinese beef with imperial sauce (中式牛柳)

Beef with onion sauce (洋葱炒牛肉)

Beef with rice noodle (菜心炒牛河)

Beef with tomato (蕃茄炒牛肉)

Lemon chicken (西檸雞)

Soy sauce chicken (豉油雞)

Chicken with zedoary (沙薑雞)

Oyster sauce chicken (蠔油雞脯)

Chicken with celery (西芹雞柳)

Chicken fried rice (生炒雞絲飯)

Crispy fried chicken (炸子雞)

Szechuan spicy chicken (宮保雞丁)

Sweet and sour pork (港式咕嚕肉)

Pork cutlet in onion (洋葱豬扒)

Chinese BBQ pork (叉燒)

Imperial pork sparerib (京都排骨)

Shredded pork in fried noodle (肉絲炒麵)

Stir fry pork with green (碧綠炒肉片)

Fish cutlet with sweet corn sauce(粟米魚塊)

Szechuan prawn (宮保蝦)

Fry fish with green in rice noodle(斑球炒河)

Stir fry scallop with green (碧綠帶子)

Vegetables in crab meat sauce (蟹肉扒菜膽)

Sweet and sour prawn (甜酸蝦球)

Shrimp sauce in jumping rice (蝦仁鍋巴)


Almond Tofu (杏仁豆腐)

Mango Pudding (芒果布甸)

Grapefruit with coconut milk (楊枝甘露)

Candied fruit ( 拔絲生果)

Almond cookie (杏仁餅)

Macau egg tart (澳門葡撻)

Steam pork dumpling (燒賣)

Peking fried dumpling (鍋貼)

West lake beef soup (西湖牛肉羹)

Corn soup with chicken (雞蓉粟米羹)

Spring Roll (春卷)

Yang Chow fried rice (揚州炒飯)

Fried rice vermicelli (福建炒米粉)

Wonton noodle soup (雲吞麵)

*Some seasonal ingredients may not be available in the wet market, menu changes may be expected from time to time. The program will be conducted in English, guests are expected to do every step of preparation and cooking under Nevin's guidance. The choice of dishes can also be tailored to guests' special requests.

Booking in advance is required, please call or WhatsApp +852 646 42910 or email to rent.a.kitchenHKG@gmail.com.