RENT-A-KITCHEN 全新「出街煮飯」新概念

A New Concept of "Eating-Out"

RENT-A-KITCHEN is designed to be a small upscale venue equipped with a home-style kitchen for private rental at an affordable price.

Guests may cook a scrumptious meal for friends and their loved ones in RENT-A-KITCHEN. Cleaning services are included. Guests can just cook, eat and enjoy their time without having to worry about the aftermath of cleaning up and dishes.

RENT-A-KITCHEN 是一個配備家用廚房的高格調場地,以私密度高的包場形式出租,價錢合理,卻提供猶如高級餐廳的空間及設備。


我們提供清潔及洗碗服務,你可以盡情煮、落力吃、享受派對時光,而不需擔心派對過後的清潔問題 。

Enquiries / Bookings : Tel +852 6464 2910 or Email or FACEBOOK