Completing a Renovation in an Afternoon

When we talk about doing something and completing it in an afternoon, it usually involves small things such a car wash, laundry, cooking meal, and reading a book. But what about home renovation, i.e. Can it be completed in a single afternoon? Well, it certainly doesn’t look like it is going to be completed this way. When we talk about home renovation, we usually talk about days, weeks and even months of work which usually involve random strangers coming in and out.

Good news is that it is very much possible to renovate your home in a single afternoon. It is possible with the help of faux wall panels.

How is this possible?

Faux walls panels are made of synthetic material known as polyurethane. Because of this composition, faux panels are incredibly lightweight. You don’t need more than just standard tools or glue to install these panels on the walls. This ease of use makes faux panels convenient enough to be considered DIY solution.

How real are their looks?

Quite! These panels are colored and textured in such a way that they look like real stones, bricks and wood installed on the walls. While creating these panels, the manufacturers may use impression from real stones, bricks or wood in order to create original texture that of the said items. After the item is dried, it is painted in a way to create real look of the items.

How long they can last?

Faux walls panels can last for more than what you may think. By nature, polyurethane is a close-cell material which doesn’t let the moisture to get absorbed. Furthermore, these panels put great resistance against rotting, mold, and mildew. These panels are also made to resist UV, weather effects and fire. Hence, you can also use these panels for exterior decoration. In the interior, you can safely install these panels in the places like fireplace.

Where to use these panels?

With a wide variety of designs available, these panels can be installed on every surface you want to renovate. Accent wall, kitchen backsplash, exterior walls, outdoor kitchen, and fireplace are some of the many areas where you can install faux wall panels for better design enhancement.

How expensive they are?

Since these panels may be available in a range of varying qualities, the price of these panels may differ. However, even the most expensive one is going to quite inexpensive as compared to real stones, bricks and wood. And due to the fact that these panels do not require professional handling that of the renovation experts, you can save cost from this perspective also.