About Us

Our vision is to assist individuals, families and organizations to live their best life with renewed strength and purpose.

Meet Our Therapists

Renee Johnson Manneh, MSW, LCSW


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years of counseling and teaching experience and over 15 years of working with nonprofits in the US and abroad. I spent 2 years in the US Peace Corps serving as a Community Health Volunteer in Uganda. I have served as an educator, counselor and trainer in both educational and nonprofit settings. I also have experience working as a program development and evaluation consultant for government agencies and nonprofits.

My clinical work focuses on issues such as career changes, life transitions, grief and loss, cross-cultural stress and adjustment, depression, educational and academic concerns, ADD/ADHD, giftedness, vocational guidance, sports performance and career development. My clientele includes women, men, teens, the elderly, parents, families and couples. My approach to therapy involves a holistic approach that focuses on clients achieving optimum health and wellness.

Lucretia Greaux, MSW, LCSWA


I am an experienced clinical social worker with over 15 years experience working with adults and children. I have worked with adults and children in educational, government and non profit settings. I specialize in working with clients with life transitions, grief and loss, DBT Informed Therapy, depression, anxiety and CBT/Trauma Informed Therapy.

My clientele includes children, adolescents, teens and adults. My approach to therapy involves using research based methods to help clients improve mood, stabilize anxiety and accomplish their goals.