Renewal Yoga

and Essential Oils


Hey! I'm wife, mother of two teen boys, and lover of Jesus and Yoga;) I have been teaching yoga for more than 4 years, and practicing about 15 years. I also got into Young Living Essential Oils a few years ago and enjoy sharing all of this here with you!


My passion is teaching Christ-centered yoga! I would love to be invited to your church, event, or space to share this with you. I teach a traditional practice also, including Flow, Yin, Meditation and am always open to suggestions! My current schedule has me at the North Oakland YMCA in Auburn Hills. Make sure to be in touch for your private practice or any classes you want to bring to your space!

I never was a fan of medications, even over the counter stuff. So when I found out the amazing healing properties of Young Living Essential Oils, I was happy to have something safe and non-toxic to try if and when I needed! I also have converted to using these oils in everyday products around the house, so that I have been able to eliminate toxins from my home and thus my and my family's body. Contact me today if you have any questions or want to sign up to start using YLEO's!