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To people familiar with the conventional diet plans, the Renegade Diet may seem to be like a harmful nutritional plan, which goes against the laws of nature, except that it doesn’t. For example, while majority of the diet plans will tell you to have heavy breakfast, this diet recommend that you do away with this altogether if possible.

The man behind the unconventional nutrition plan is Jason Ferruggia and he believes that you may lose body fat and gain muscles all at once with the use of the diet.

An Overview of Renegade Diet

Renegade Diet is basically a comprehensive diet guidebook program, which is made to help you reach your fitness goals in a convenient way possible. It’s a program made to help achieve muscle gain and weight loss at the same time. Even if majority of people could think it’s difficult to achieve both, yet this diet guide made it very possible to achieve everything in an easy manner.

Renegade diet is an eBook that you may gain access to on the internet directly. It also comprises of the right amount of carb that will be perfect for you to take based on the fat level that’s present in your body. Aside from that, this diet guide is ideal in terms of how long you have to take your diet to reach the best possible results.

The Man Behind Renegade Diet

Jason Ferruggia is actually an expert in the field of fitness and nutrition. He’s the Chief Training Adviser to Men’s fitness magazine. So far, he spent twenty years in the industry of fitness. Also, he trained many clients and authored lots of articles for numerous websites and magazines including Men’s Health, MMA Sports Mag, and so on. With this experience and expertise, he gathered lots of life changing details that he shared in Renegade Diet. This guide book is the result of his years of experimentations and work.

How It Works?

Renegade Diet works very simple. You need to fast for fourteen to sixteen hours daily and under eat for 4 hours. During this time, you should not eat carbs except vegetables after which you’ll overeat for four hours at night, and you may eat carbs. Generally, this diet requires you to skip breakfast and eat lightly during daytime whereby your meal may consist of fat, protein, and moderate intake of the vegetables without carbs and fruit consumption. Then, during night time, you may overeat and have as many carbs you want.

Renegade Diet and Its Phases

Phase 1 –Fasting

According to research, it was found out that optimal fat body burning happens after around eighteen years of fasting. However, at this stage, a person is also at risk of muscle loss. The fasting period must last between 14-16 hours. Obviously, it might not be a simple transition for several individuals. That is the reason why you must start small. Fast for twelve hours and bump it up to 14-16 hours. Fasting will also increase your level of energy since the process of digestion draws a lot from your body, particularly if you eat 5 or 6 times daily. During fasting, the liver will detoxify and your gut will become much healthier.

Phase II – Under Eating

During this phase, you must eat light. For example, several boiled eggs, protein shake, and some amount of lean ground beef. Generally, your protein intake must be around 20-35 grams while your body fat intake must be about 10-15 grams. It will result in improved digestion and fat loss. If you’re trying to build some muscles, you may eat more fat through having beef with eggs.

Phase III – Over Eating

In this phase, you will be required to over eat. For many dieters, this overeating phase is what you’ll be looking forward. In four hours, you will need to overeat. You may load up on proteins, carbs, and so forth. Because of light eating and fasting during the day, your body will differently react to overeating, particularly if you train before this phase kicks in. For you to simplify the phase of over eating, the creator made a recipe guide that contains a total of 134 plant-based recipes that are ideal for Renegade Diet.

The sensitivity of insulin to the body muscles are much higher that will stimulate muscle growth. Before over eating, you must have a cup of hot water with lemon to increase the acid level in your stomach, which will improve your digestion.

The Good

The diet works good if you’re busy and do not have time to eat five to six times a day.

It provides you lots of free time during the day because you aren’t eating or cooking.

Improved mental focus and energy levels.

The question and answer section is good. The initial details are comprehensive, yet anything you’re wondering is covered in this section. It just means that you will not have any doubts about whether you are doing anything wrong.

Increased growth hormone release during fasting.

The Not So Good

Eating time can be hard to follow sometimes.

It might not work fine for people who are skinny and have troubles putting on muscles.

It does not feel like a diet and more like a particular way to organize your eating schedule.

The Bottom Line

To top it all, Renegade Diet guide may seem to be a daring experimentation with the limits of one’s body, yet it isn’t really. What makes it different is that it has solid scientific principles behind each key concept, especially those that break beliefs about the diet plans for those who try to achieve particular fitness goals including muscle gain and weight loss.

Renegade Diet is also a bit comprehensive, but simple and these principles are informed by the truth, which underlies the crucial bodily functions at molecular level. The diet will repair your metabolism, provide you hormonal balance, as well as help you achieve your muscle gain and fat loss fitness goals.