Welcome to

7th Grade !

ROOM 153

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Welcome to Team 7

From this website you can access all of your assignments and any class presentations (in case you're absent). We also have a 7th Grade calendar that has all major assignments/ assessments and school events.

Important Reminders!

Check the 7th grade calendar HERE.

These are all of your major assignments/assessments.

Wednesday 12/9/2020

Suggested student schedule here

after school days! (2:30-3:00)

  • Monday - Parker & Winston

  • Wednesday - Manderville

  • Thursday - Lepine & Lee-Davis

Take a trip to the Library!!

It has its very own website: Click Here!!

digital habits of work (hows)

I come to my digital environment ready to learn.

  • Sign in to Zoom 3-5 minutes early

  • Muted, camera is on

  • Having materials: notebook, pencil, laptop, charger, headphones

  • In designated work space with appropriate background (virtual or not)

  • Complete Check-in/Do Now

I actively and collaboratively participate in my online class.

  • Participate by asking and answering questions from Peardeck during designated times in the lesson.

  • Use chat for on-task conversation - answer teacher questions and check for understanding questions.

  • Be attentive to the lesson on the screen.

I assess and revise my independent assignments.

  • I use teacher and/or peer feedback to revise my work and submit it.

  • I use provided rubrics, task sheets, and checklists to assess my completed work before submitting it.

  • I am able to reflect on my academic progress on assessments and assignments.

I am a self-directed and organized student

  • Turning in assignments on or before the due date.

  • Keeping an organized agenda/platform to track my schedule, all assignments, classes, office hours and “to do’s”

  • Communicate when I need support by attending office hours or communicating with teachers through Unified Classroom or Email or Zoom chat.

  • Keeping an active notebook during class. (synchronous and asynchronous)

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