"While I was in graduate school working on a doctorate from 1991-1995, the issue of admitting male undergraduate students became a contested item. I think it was in 1992 or 1993. As I drove to my office one morning, a bed sheet with the message, “No Men,” was hanging from the bridge. Regardless of the right or wrong or the outcome, it was a good experience for students to learn about protesting and to participate with non-violence and non-destructive methods. The sheet was gone by noon. "

- Diana Everett, Class of 1995

"My mom attended TWU and earned her Master's degree there. She graduated when I was in the 7th grade (1989?), but while she was taking classes, my family would make trips to the Library almost every weekend. Mom would gather journal articles or study. Most days when we were there, my dad would walk with my younger brother and I over to the pedestrian bridge to kill some time. We would race each other over the bridge or go to the top and imagine schemes about jumping off when the next truck came by or guessing who would be able to hit a car on the roof with a rock. Thankfully, we were never foolish enough to try! My husband and I met at TWU in the Fall of 1996. He was one of the few men in the first undergrad class that started at the University in the Spring of 1995. We were in Gamma Beta Phi together where we both served as officers in the organization. We ended up getting engaged in July of 1997 while we were both finishing up our degrees. The rest of that summer, we walked back and forth over the pedestrian bridge to class, lunch, the library, hand in hand and celebrating our new relationship and upcoming marriage. I remember standing at the top with him looking out over the campus that brought us together. Those are great memories! (By the way - we got married on July 4, 1998 at the Little Chapel.)"

- Heather Brister, Class of 1997 & 2003

"During my years at TWU (1979 – 1982), the bridge was about the fastest and less dangerous way to get across Bell Ave. Except for a couple of times I fell walking up the stairs at night, two nights in a row, on the same step. If I hadn’t held onto the railing, it could have been worse. Twenty three years after I graduated from TWU, I had total knee replacement on the right knee. Ahhh, but I could run up the stairs back in my TWU days, and for several years afterwards. Nice memories. "

- Evelyn Whitehead, Class of 1982

Farewell, old friend...