Remedial Massage Brisbane

Why are we the Best Remedial Massage Brisbane Clinic in Brisbane?

Because we use methodical testing protocol and design tailored treatment plans, that is why we are the leading Remedial Massage Brisbane clinic (we are not biased at all)

If you are searching for the Best Remedial Massage clinic in Brisbane, we know how hard it can be to choose these days.

With Remedial Massage clinics on most corners in Brisbane City it makes it difficult to choose, and it really depends on what you are looking for. If you are in pain or have a injury, you definitely want to shop around and do your homework before trusting just any Remedial Massage Clinic in Brisbane CBD

We know that loads of Remedial Massage Therapists in Brisbane Clinics claim to be this and that, but in our experience very few live up to their lofty claims

I encourage you to do your homework, take your time and shop the web, read some of their google reviews, look at their website and social media accounts, eg. instagram, facebook, before trusting some Remedial Massage Therapist with your body. Your body will thank you for it.

Good luck

Remedial Massage Brisbane CBD

If you are looking for a Remedial Massage Brisbane clinic that accepts BUPA, you can swipe your BUPA card on the spot, and they normally give $20-$50 off the price of a Remedial Massage session.

Due to the handy location of my Remedial Massage Clinic I am accessible, and plenty of my clients that are looking for a Remedial Massage therapist on the Southside of Brisbane find my clinic very easy to find.

If you are looking for a Remedial Massage Clinic that delivers what they promise, choose us!

The Wade the Massage Guy Process

When you come in for a Remedial Massage Session at Wade the Massage Guy we follow the process which is a product of over 10 years of Wade honing his craft as a Remedial Massage Therapist.

  1. Fill in a new client form, in the form history is discussed, eg, have you had any injuries, accidents, surgeries, etc. Have you seen any other practitioners, doctors, had scans, xrays, MRI's, etc. From the form we start to collate and build a picture of where you are at and this will help us determine where you will go.
  2. Assessment, Wade conducts a thorough assessment which involves Postural assessment, muscle testing, with the intention of identifying which muscles are tight stiff and which are weak and need strengthening
  3. Treatment plan, is formulated, discussed and broken down into bites size chunks so that you are 100% clear on what is required of you to get the result.
  4. Ongoing support and guidance, via exercises, videos, emails and follow up treatments
  5. Video and Email are used.

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