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Relaxation Ritual

Everyone in their own time seeks out relaxation for their own personal reason.

​Some are stressed out from their daily lives, some are lonely and in need of a nurturing touch.

​Relaxation helps us to introduce full body awareness, release the negative energy from within and bring forth renewed energy to our inner selves.

Whatever one’s history may be, we all benefit from clearing energetic blockages and improving the flow of our energy.

​This is very much the basis of any Relaxation Ritual and has proven helpful in awakening and balancing one's soul.

Come and surrender to the moment and to allow and except a form of relaxation you may not be accustomed to but desperately in need of.

Every Relaxation Ritual session is different to every person as we all seek out relaxation in many different forms, for many different reasons at different times in our lives.

This is what makes my sessions so beautiful and unique.

Everyone's relaxation time is a sensually intimate experience and very personable based on each individual's relaxation needs.

​I provide my time to both men and women as the integration of

multiple modalities make my services a safe and welcoming approach for both.

A Relaxation Ritual is a conscious step to more-subtly, humble, and passive relaxation time.

For those of you who have been my clients and friends for many years, you are familiar with my standards and guidelines

and you will continue to receive the same relaxation services you have grown accustomed to.

For those of you who are new and exploring, I invite you to visit with me and become familiar with your new level of standards in professional and quality relaxation services.

Please keep in mind this is a passive session for you....In this time and space, you are only required to receive, release, surrender, and just be.

Available Daily 11 Am. - 4 Pm.