Adopt These Habits to Strengthen Relationship with Your Kid

Connection with your child is important not only for your child but also for you. This is the kind of relationship that makes parenting something you wouldn’t consider as a burden, and it is surely going to be a great experience.

Another reason you should be connected to your child is that this connection makes your child following your rules willingly. Although, the child may sometimes ride on the emotional swing, their general behavior is surely going to be according to your expectations.

Being a parent, you would also like to guide your child to go for positive adaptations. For this very reason, most of the parents would spend time in reminding, correcting, criticizing and even yelling at the children. So, it gets more important to spend some time connecting with the children.

There are a few habits that you can adopt to make yourself a loving parent whose priority would be to connect with the child.

Hug your kid

Make it your habit to hug your child at different instances in the day. It should be the first thing in the morning and the last thing you do before going to bed. An eye contact with a smile is also a good way to connect with your child.

Play with the kid

Another way to keep the connection between you and your child intact is to play and share laughter. That would help you and you kid to have the level of endorphins and oxytocin maintained. If you develop a daily habit to make a laughter, that will teach your kid to ignore anxieties by laughing out at them. Similarly, if you have the habit of playing with the kids, the kids will more likely to cooperate with you in every matter of life.

Get rid of technology while having interaction with the kid

It is important to remind your child that you value them more than anything else. So, make sure that you have turned the technology off while playing with your kids. You can give this gesture even by turning the music off while traveling with your kid. This way, the kid will be reminded that you like talking to him rather than listening music.

Time allocations

Make sure that you give equal amount of time separately to each one of your kids every day. During that time, let your kid laugh and play with you in way he/she pleases. Don’t restrict yourself and your kids to a number of activities during that particular time. Instead, the children direct what they really want.


It may be a bit difficult but you need to anticipate the emotional swing of your child. Normally, we tend to love the kid when he/she is playing and laughing, but we try to quiet her down when she is making tantrum. That’s not the right way to deal with the kids. You need to welcome the emotions and try to think from the child’s perspective.