It is great to see that you are interested in a wholesale/reseller account! We can provide some information on that. If you would like, you can also go straight to the Wholesale/Reseller Request Form, to request to change your account to a wholesale/reseller.

The first thing that is different about a wholesale/reseller account is the way that you pay for domains. Instead of using a credit card for each transaction, with a wholesale account you deposit money into an account balance with us (min. of $25 at a time on, and then pay for services with that balance. This is a way to keep the cost down for you, because we are able to bypass the credit card fees, and then pass the saving along to you. This way we can offer .com domains at around $10.00 instead of $11.85.

**Upon deposit, a 3% fee is taken out of the account balance by our domain affiliate, Enom.

If you are interested in selling domains, we have a few ways you can do it!

There are several different ways to sell domains through your wholesale/reseller account. You can create sub-accounts for your customers yourself, and have your customers login at “”. You can set up a registry rocket link, where you can have a simple, personally branded website for your customers to manage their domains. You can utilize the API's available at (where you can login with the same credentials), and integrate our systems into your own website (advanced). All of these options so far are completely free!

Additionally, you can purchase the Instant Reseller package for $110/year, which includes a turn-key website, similar to ours, with everything you need to start selling domains and other domain services.

The Process of Switching your account to a wholesale/reseller is quick, easy, and free!

Actually switching your account to a wholesale/reseller account is a simple, quick, and free process. We just need to flip the switch. After that, you get domains at a lower price, and you can start exploring different options and features.

Let us know if you have any questions, and whether you would like to go ahead and switch to a wholesale/reseller account.

**As a note for reseller account management, it is generally more useful to use our affiliate's website, You can login with the same username and password, but are able to more easily access features like the API's and Registry Rocket.

**After your account has been switched to a wholesale/reseller account, it cannot be switched back.