Canterbury Regional Fire Challenge 2017


Welcome from Canterbury

The Canterbury Rural Fire Districts welcome you to participate in the 2017 Canterbury Regional Fire Challenge at Raincliff in South Canterbury. This will be the first event run under the banner of Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

In a change from tradition and in the spirit of maximising the opportunity to participate for volunteers across the new organisation, the event has been extended to include a 4th day. So please note the following dates in your calendars and start planning now:

Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th October 2017


This year's challenge will once again be a hybrid format involving group and small team activities in a Rogaine-style format. Mastery of core fire-fighting skills will be tested, including supervision and crew management. However, given the brave new world of an integrated fire service, expect to be working with Urban Crews on typically Urban type tasks as well as in bigger multi-crew skill tests. You may even want to consider mixing your teams up with Rural/Urban combinations to maximise the learning and the fun.

Scored tasks will be spread out over a reasonably large geographic area, so good navigational skills and prudent strategising will be critical to maximising team performance. Crews will be required to self-drive between the numerous tasks, with the tasks themselves having been designed to provide either a chance to test skill sets in a competitive format or simply participate as a learning opportunity. Regardless of your intention, the greatest value is achieved through your complete engagement.

The morning start-up will be very familiar to past challenges, with a set start time from the ICP following each morning’s operational briefing. But through the day things will change, so be prepared to adjust on the move. There will be a series of scored tasks to complete during the course of the day, so it is advisable to review the attachments for helpful hints.

Location and Dates:

The Challenge will be held at Raincliff Youth Camp, South Canterbury (between Geraldine and Fairlie) over the FOUR days 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th October 2017, with a maximum of sixteen four-person crews participating each day.

Note: In terms of the weekend event days, preference will be given to filling Saturday 14th October before confirming that Sunday 15th will proceed. Crews and individuals registering for a preference of Sunday 15th October need to consider the potential that they may be asked to swap to the Saturday.


Due to length of the day's challenge, crews and IMT participants that have long distances to travel are encouraged to spend the night/s at Raincliff Youth Camp. Bunk rooms will be available and there are camping sites at the location (refer registration form).

Note: There will not be accommodation available for participating crews at the venue on the night of Sunday 15th October.  If accommodation is needed on this night due to length of travel required, alternative arrangements are to be made through your Principal Rural Fire Officer, Area Manager or Organisation.


Lunches will be supplied for the day of participation with breakfast and dinner available if required on either side of a participation day (refer registration form).

Note: Unlike in previous years there will be no charge-back to parent agencies for accommodation and catering.

Vehicle Fuel:

  • Nearest fuel stations to the event location are as follows:
  • Fairlie (28km/25mins) – BP and Challenge Service Stations
  • Geraldine (39km/30mins) – Z Service Station
  • Pleasant Point (18km/17mins) - Challenge Service Station

Vehicle requirements:

Those attending the Challenge will need self-drive capability – 4WD preferred for participating crews, although 2WD is acceptable. All crew vehicles need to be capable of carrying the whole crew, with no appliances allowed.

As the event will be using Port Blakely managed forest areas, the following rules will prevail:

  • Ordinary road speeds for public roads, but within Raincliff or Pioneer Forests speed shall not exceed 30kph
  • Headlights on (dipped)
  • Spark arrestors fitted to petrol and non-turbo diesel vehicles (available from Ground Support)
  • First Aid kit carried
  • Fire Extinguisher carried

Special notes (URBAN):

For those urban staff and volunteers wishing to attend the Challenge, this is not official training and therefore will not be eligible for reimbursement of lost time and mileage.


Registration goes live on Monday 4th September 2017 and will close on Monday 2nd October.

Crew registration: (Cancelled)

For those participating in a crew

Crew Register Here

Incident Management Team (IMT): (Cancelled)

For those taking positions within Planning Intelligence and Logistics units

IMT Register Here

Management, Mentors, Markers, VIPS and Observers (MMMVIP): (Cancelled)

In most cases these people will have been appointed and directed to this form to formally register. Positions include those mentoring, event management, IMT managers including Incident Controller support roles (overhead team), task markers, VIPs and those wishing to come and check things out

MMMVIP Register Here

Challenge Rules and Task Instructions:

Please carefully read the information here to ensure you understand the Challenge rules, how to prepare for participation and to gain an idea of what task will be setup.

Challenge Entry Rules

Tasks and Instructions

Recommended Readings:

The following items have been posted to help you prepare for completing some of the tasks involved in this year’s Challenge. It would be in your best interests to review these prior to attending the event as well as regularly check this website for any additional documents that may have been posted.

Carry out Defensive Control

Aircraft Safety

Load water and additives

Operate Portable Pumps

Scene Management at MVA

As part of the last task please read the After Action Review here

Any enquiries regarding the 2017 Challenge are to be directed to