Painted Furniture

A few projects I have worked on

Hallway Shoe Rack

A commissioned piece, this hallway shoe rack needed updating to match my customer's decor. The wood had a very dark stain with a shiny varnish over the top.

I had to strip the top and sand it a lot, boy did my arms ache! I then added a grey wax to seal it and also a bit of neutral grey to the grain to match the flooring in the hallway. I painted the main body of the cabinet in a chalk paint called dark pepper, a lovely colour.

3 Pieces

I was asked to update these 3 pieces of furniture, a chest of drawers, chair and mirror. They were sentimental pieces which they didn't want to throw away therefore they decided to have them updated.

I stripped off all old wax and polish and painted in a chalk paint called chalk grey, The top of the drawers I left with the natural wood and applied wax for a lovely finish.

Frumpy to Funky!

These two bedside cabinets were given to me so I decided I would really experiment!

I cut the legs to make them square and have a more modern look. Took the drawer fronts off and switched them around to make them flat and took the frill off the top.

I brought long strips of pine, stained them in four different colours in small sizes then stuck them on the front of the drawer fronts like a puzzle. From frumpy to funky!

Large Coffee Table to Ottoman

This commissioned piece had a lot of sentimental value to my customer. Very large and really too big to be a coffee table as they kept sitting on it! So the obvious answer was to turn into an Ottoman.

I added a firm foam which is ideal so a tray can safely be placed on top or perfect to sit on. Then the maths part - working out a diamond pattern to fit the top. I drilled holes in the top of the table and I deep buttoned a raspberry cerise velvet using black velvet buttons, that I made.

The feet are a claw and ball feature, I rose gold gilded the ball which made it look rather special.

Little Table

A little hallway table that my customer wanted to put in her bedroom as a bedside table. Her bedroom has antique gold accessories so this was purely painted gold and waxed with a dark wax to give it the old gold look.

Cute Bedside Tables

My customer wanted to take these tables to their holiday home. Painted in lovely white chalk paint with silver leaf handles. Finished off with tropical paper inside the drawers.

Lovely clean and fresh looking.


This bureau again was a sentimental piece to my customer whi didn't want to throw it away, she wanted to use it in her sons bedroom for a homework desk.

Blue was the chosen colour choice to match his bedroom decor, and funky cowhide letters went inside the bureau for a little surprise.

Pink Chest of Drawers

Commissioned chest of drawers , this was very old and broken, however too nice to throw away.

Out came the glue and nails. The handles were broken, the trim had snapped and the bottom drawer had no runners.

This was to go in a little girls bedroom so I painted in a pretty pink and hand-painted a meadow scene with butterflies flying around perfect for any little girls bedroom.